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Thread: Diet/Tear Stains

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    Default Diet/Tear Stains

    Ok, Obi is almost 6 months old and weighs in at 40lbs and was just neutered. The vet said I need to cut back on his food. I feed him Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream) at the amount of 1 1/2 cups twice a day. So with the vets recommendation, I cut back to 1 cup twice a day and added a tablespoon of cottage cheese and some frozen mixed fruit (blueberries/strawberries/blackberries/raspberries) and vegetables (carrots, corn, green beans/peas). Obi also receives Sure Grow 100, NuVet Plus, and Grizzly Salmon Oil supplements After doing more research, I think I need to remove the corn from his diet. Just checking in to ensure I'm on the right page.

    Obi's very healthy and the only problem that we're starting to have (since his surgery) are tear stains. I don't know why they started. There not too bad but he never had them before. They're very noticeable with his white face. I wipe his face with baby wipes multiple times a day and ensure they're dry. I started using Desitin today to see if it helps. The pollen is pretty bad right now where I live (MD) and we haven't had much rain to wash it away, so maybe that's causing the watery eyes (stains). The only other thing I do is put a little Vaseline on his to to help when it gets dry. So, I'm looking for a little help in this area as well.

    I know, I have to update his picture. I'll work on that right now.

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    Default Re: Diet/Tear Stains

    As far as food goes I would go by whats on the back of the bag. 1 cup 2x a day doesnt seem like a lot for a growing puppy! The cottage cheese and fruits are good but I would give just one thing a time so if he is alllergic to something you know what it is. Also if you are feeding a 6 star food you may not need extra supplements. I would wait for others to see what their advice is on this...As far as tear stains keep them clean and as dry as possible...Others will be by shortly with more advice.
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    Default Re: Diet/Tear Stains

    ok thats quite a list of things he could be allergic to. also could be environmental. when dealing with bullies ive learned to just feed kibble and then add things in slowly one at a time and see if there is a problem before moving onto the next one. yes corn is something that most people stay away from in dogs. might want to cut back on all the stuff and then add onto it slowly and then if a reaction comes you will know what its coming from. that includes the supplements. let us know how it goes and welcome to ebn.

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