You're getting good info already.

My only suggestion is to do the switch in 3-4 week time instead of the 10 day time. This is how I switch my dogs to a different food: replace 1/4 of their old food with the new food and keep this for 1 full week. If she starts to get loose stools then I'd keep the 1/4 proportion for another week. By the end of the 2nd week, she should firm up.
If not, then there can be something in the food that is not working for her. I'd stop the new food at this point and find another one and start over. If she's doing great at the end of 1 or 2 weeks, I'd increase the proportion to 1/2 old, 1/2 new and keep that for a week. Then do 3/4 for the next week. And then fully switch.

For treats, I usually just give the dogs their kibble for treats as well. My bully loves ice cubes - I give her that for treats a lot. Then they get their dental chews and that's really all I give them for treats. I sometimes use plain sliced bread for training treats (they're more responsive when they get something out of the ordinary). But then my dogs are not allergic to grain - a lot of bullys are, so sliced bread doesn't work for everybody.

Hope this helps.