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Sherry, how does the witch hazel help on the tear stains? So far on my food switch back to Wellness from Blue Buffalo the only issue I have only had is with watery eyes even since he was 8 weeks old - he's 11 months now. How do you use it on their folds?

Reillysmom, can you let us know how the change works out? We'd love to hear if the switch was successful or not. I did have an allergy test done on Wilson when he was 5/6 months old so I eliminated quite a few guessing games but I'm still playing around with his water eye issues.

I have been using a small amount of witch hazel on a makeup remover pad. don't soak the pad with it, just dampen, then I rub gently horizontally, not vertical toward the eye, just back and forth. I can see the difference immediately. I have used many many things and still keep them on my shelf. But this is probably the best thing so far. It's a astringent that you can even use on your own face. Also inexpensive.
I use the Malaket wipes between the toes when necessary and wash the faces with a wet wash clothe every night, then dry. This is our fall and winter routine.