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Thread: from blue wilderness salmon to california natural herring and potato good choice???

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    Default Re: from blue wilderness salmon to california natural herring and potato good choice???

    Guys, high protein diet is not necessarily bad for sedate bulldogs. Dogs - regardless of breed - are carnivores (their teeth are not designed to break down plant matter but for ripping flesh). That's straight up protein. Here's an article that explains it better:
    Low Protein Dog Foods

    Now, about Blue Wilderness versus California Natural - the reason CN is rated at 3 stars as opposed to the 5 star BW is because of the presence of grains. CN has a 55% carbohydrate content which, for a carnivore, is high (above 50% is considered too high in most circles). BW is grain-free which puts its carbohydrate content at 38%. High carbs contribute faster to obesity than high protein. Of course, to lower carbs intake, you can feed the lower end of the recommended daily feedings, but that means you are also lowering protein. Now, if you are feeding higher protein food, you can lower protein intake by feeding the lower end of the recommended daily feedings - which also lowers carbs which is even better.

    Grains may also cause allergies but so do certain meat products like beef. Therefore, allergy testing is a food-by-food dog-by-dog basis. It can be quite a task to determine which food your dog is not allergic to.

    And about CN being bought out by Procter and Gamble - I think this is a wash... because we are all familiar with all the recalls Blue Buffalo has been through. CN is a quality product - it's just a matter of where in the carbs/protein spectrum you side with and what your dog is allergic to.

    In any case, I am feeding my dogs BW Salmon or Duck flavors (I alternate) and they're doing great with it - that's a 4-year-old bichon frise and a 3-year-old english bulldog, both breeds prone to allergies and health issues. The bichon is a yippity high-energy 18lb dog and the english bulldog is a lumbering giant at 60lbs who will exert super high energy for... 5 minutes.

    For more comparative analysis:
    BW: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food | Review and Rating
    CN: California Natural Dry Dog Food | Review and Rating

    Hope this helps.
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