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Thread: July 2016 Fromm Family Foods ~ Annual Write A Poem To Your Bulldog Contest!

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    Default Re: July 2016 Fromm Family Foods ~ Annual Write A Poem To Your Bulldog Contest!

    The first time I saw you, Hector,
    You nearly gave me a fright,
    When I saw 60 lbs of "puppy" sitting in my floor
    That Thanksgiving Eve Night!
    It took me a little while to get use to your slobbers and your farts,
    But it didn't take me long to learn that you have a big heart!
    You instantly loved your siblings, Leah Grace and Jo
    and out in the rain or snow you never want to go!
    Your "new" dad demanded you be put on our Christmas card
    and that all of your poops be picked up out of the yard!
    We learned to take care of you; your hair, your nose, your eyes
    and the fact that we have to vacuum and swiffer daily come as no surprise!
    Adding you to our family did add a lot of chores
    Often at night when we sit together we listen to your snores!!
    Not long after you came to us you got a little sick
    Then I realized you had wiggled your way into my heart rather quick!
    Sometimes you are a bit stubborn and look as if you frown
    Other times you are playful and stare at us with your eyes of chocolate brown.
    You don't like to get your nails trimmed and at times you growl at the TV,
    I must confess now that when I count children
    It's no longer 2 but 3!!-hector-school-programs-158-jpg-christmas-2012-009-jpg-christmas-2012-012-jpg-hec-leahs-day-christmas2010-051-jpg-hector-011-jpg-hec-leahs-day-christmas2010-047-jpg-hec-leahs-day-christmas2010-057-jpg
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    Default Re: July 2016 Fromm Family Foods ~ Annual Write A Poem To Your Bulldog Contest!

    Contest is now closed --- thank you for you entries
    There is a part of your heart not alive until a bulldog has entered your lif

    Nitschke (2004-2011) and Banks (2005-2014) -- My angels
    Thank you for all the love, fun and teachings

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