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Thread: June Fromm Family Foods Contest! Write a Poem to Your Bully ~ENTER HERE~

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    Default Re: June Fromm Family Foods Contest! Write a Poem to Your Bully ~ENTER HERE~

    After Mickey had passed we felt so blue
    That was until God let us find you.

    We couldn’t believe our lucky stars
    From that very first look we knew you had to be ours

    So cute and fluffy and incredibly small
    When we put you down you could barely crawl

    You found your way into our hearts so fast, so quick
    When we left you alone at first it made us feel heart sick

    You’ve brought happiness and love back to our lives
    We can hardly wait for the new morning to arrive

    You’re so funny and cute in every way
    You bring sunshine and joy to every day

    I never knew what it meant to love a dog like you
    But do know now my love will never subdue


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    Default Re: June Fromm Family Foods Contest! Write a Poem to Your Bully ~ENTER HERE~


    To my overly hyper bully Brock, you have this adoarable little strut,
    That makes everyone we run across flock, to come pet your cute, wiggly butt.

    You're certainly not that lazy bully, I'd always thought you would be,
    Infact you're more like a wrinkley mini greyhound, with your endless energy.

    It seems no matter how long we're outside playing, and running up and down hills,
    When I try to get you inside you go crazy, and it becomes a battle of wills.

    You lack some other key traits too, that I'd constantly heard about,
    You hardly drool, snore or fart, and your tongue barely sticks out.

    It's not all bad though, sometimes you even have moments of boyish charm,
    When you snuggle up and attack me with those wet bully kisses, soaking my arms.

    You're one of a kind my Brockstar and though we've only been together half a year,
    I wouldn't trade you for any other bully my little brindle puppy, I love you my dear.
    Last edited by Cuddles116; 06-22-2013 at 09:09 AM. Reason: Had to fix the spacing =)

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    Default Re: June Fromm Family Foods Contest! Write a Poem to Your Bully ~ENTER HERE~

    No Place Like Home

    They discarded you like an old worn out shoe.

    I looked in your soulful eyes, so helpless and true
    You were coming home with me, yes I will take this sad girl.

    Your bulldog grin, your loving soul
    You soon became part of our crew.

    I fall more in love with you every day
    You're a part of my life forever to stay.

    My heart melts when I look in those bulldog eyes
    How anyone could give you up, you're perfect, I ask why.

    It breaks my heart to imagine what you went through
    But I am forever thankful you were their worn out shoe.

    Sophie you are my Ruby Red Slippers, Minola Blaniks, Jimmy Choo.

    Thank You for rescuing me!!!
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    Default Re: June Fromm Family Foods Contest! Write a Poem to Your Bully ~ENTER HERE~

    Thank you all for entering the Fromm Family Foods Peotry contest! This contest is closed and 4 Paw Members, please cast your votes in the 4 Paw Members board

    Everyday is a party when you own a bulldog!
    CLICK HERE to Sponsor a rescue Bulldog!

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