BITE WAIVER REQUIRED Although Hercules’ name conjures up images of strength and bravery, Hercules the bulldog also has a silly, adorable and chilled out side. Folks, this isn’t just another pretty face. Hercules is a man on a mission, determined to find true commitment in the form of a forever home. Right now he’s moved in with his foster mom for training, but when the right person comes along, (they will be required to sign a bite waiver) he is prepared to take the plunge, bringing his favorite toys with him. This demi-God has a preference for the ladies….the fur ladies that is. He has excellent dog skills and gets along superbly with other dogs, in particular, laid back females. He’s also a man who knows what he wants and therefore has a specific list of prerequisites for his forever home as well. For example, Hercules appreciates calm and quiet. He must be adopted to a child free home and someone with bulldog experience. He would be over the moon if he had a laid back fur sister to play with. He is house trained and crate trained, but likes to have his crate door left open so he can amble in and out on his own terms. Handsome Hercules also has a playful side and enjoys chew toys, bones, balls and boxes. He plays a silly game in his crate and flips around like he’s Hulk Hogan wrestling an invisible dog friend. Also very high on his list of favorite things are naps. Morning, midday or evening, anytime is a good time for a snooze in Hercules’ opinion. A perfect day includes a little bit of play, crate wrestling, training class, and a lot of time to rest. He also loves butt and back rubs, all on his terms of course. When he wants a back rub he will put his hind end on his favorite person’s legs to give you a (not so) subtle hint as to what is on his mind. This Mister has no known health issues and does not require any medication. He is neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines. Hercules believes in full disclosure and therefore has a few peccadillos to discuss. He’s not embarrassed to admit that he’s been seeing a therapist (otherwise known as a trainer) and is making great strides. He’s nearly an academic wiz. In the past, Hercules showed that he was reactive and had difficulty with boundaries, believed to be fear aggression. A bite waiver will need to be signed by his adopter. This courageous boy has come a long way with his training while in foster care and is looking to continue seeing his therapist after he’s adopted. Hercules’ foster mom describes him as a ‘special & beautiful boy.’ Are you that perfect person who has the patience, commitment and ideal environment needed for this boy thrive? If so, submit a S.N.O.R.T. adoption application for Hercules when he becomes available.

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