If your goal in life is to be greeted with butt wiggles every time you walk in the door and find a loving snuggle buddy, you’ve found the perfect companion in Kali.
Kali, a two-and-a-half-year-old English bulldog, is going to make her future forever family very, very happy! She was bounced around a bit prior to arriving at her foster home with SNORT but despite that, is a loving, sweet and fun girl. Kali is super affectionate, LOVES her humans and the male English bulldog in her foster home. She’s wonderful around kids, as well, and ignores the cats in her foster home. This girl is the perfect mix of energetic and snuggly. Her butt wiggles are legendary, and she also loves to snuggle on the couch with her people. She doesn’t need a ton of exercise and does well on a leash in the yard at her foster home. She’d love a fenced-in yard but it’s certainly not a requirement. She did not have much training before coming into SNORT, so her foster family is working diligently with her on house training and she’s made a ton of progress! She has good days and bad, but the good days are slowly out-numbering the bad! Kali wanted this kept on the down-low, but she is a bit of a poop eater if she has an accident inside, so her new family should be aware of that. She is not a fan of being crated so her foster family currently gates her in their bedroom and minus the occasional accident, she’s a perfect angel. 

Because of her need for consistent training, she definitely needs at least a mid-day check-in. Even better? Take her to work! She would be a phenomenal addition to any staff. For some reason she isn’t a huge fan of the fellow female English bulldog in her foster home; we’re not sure if it’s because the other female doesn’t really want to engage in play or if Kali is simply better off in a home with only male dogs — or a home where she can be queen of the castle as the only dog! She also needs to be fed separately of other dogs — food is serious business with her! We do know she will thrive in almost any environment, though, as long as her people are around! She even follows her foster family into the bathroom while they shower; she just wants to make sure they don’t go anywhere without her! Even though it was thought she might have some hip dysplasia, so far she seems unaffected by it and has even begun to tackle stairs. 

A home, an apartment, city, suburbs — she’d likely adapt to pretty much any environment. As long as she has people to snuggle, Nylabones to chew and car rides to take, she’ll be a very happy and content girl! Kali is currently being fostered near Syracuse, N.Y.

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