Bashful Boo is a big sweet Bulldog looking for a peaceful retirement home. This stud muffin, who weighs in at 61 lbs, came to SNORT after spending the first nine years of his life working as a breeding dog.
Although he is still learning how to be a pet dog instead of a working dog, Boo is a total lovebug who enjoys the company of all people, cats and quiet dogs. Since he has not quite figured out how to play, Boo gets a bit frightened if he encounters a playful or high-energy dog.
Boo is an easy-going lad. He enjoys spending the day napping, cuddling with his people and going for short walks (as long as he can take frequent breaks along the way to relax and observe the world around him). Boo would love a home with a fenced-in yard and maybe even a porch where he could sit with his people and greet the neighbors and visitors.
Boo does not have any serious health problems, but he does have arthritis in most of his joints and would be best in a home with few or no stairs to navigate. He also has dry eye and gets eye drops daily and a deep tail pocket that needs to be cleaned regularly.
It is important for Boo’s new family to understand that he was a former breeding dog and is therefore still learning how to live with people as a pet. He is crate trained but is still working on going potty outside. Boo needs a quiet home with patient people who will understand that everything about being a pet is new to him. Loud noises and sudden movements frighten him. He has not figured out how to play with toys, but will chew on a nylabone at times.
Despite his rough start in life, Boo is a patient and loving boy. He is eager to please his people and wants to love you and be loved by you. He would be an excellent companion to take to work and he loves to have his people around so he can cuddle with them or hang out with them all day. If you want to help show this former working dog what love is, and you have a quiet home and are looking for a loyal, loving companion, then please submit a SNORT adoption application for Boo the Bulldog today!

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