When we think of "English Bulldog people" at SNORT we think of those who chuckle at toots, love mushing wrinkles, look forward to playtime and naps on the couch, and of course love their bully like crazy. If that sounds like you, Enzo just might be the perfect addition to your family. Enzo is a spring chicken at 7 years old, and really really...really loves people. He can't explain with words just how much, but as soon as you meet him it's clear. Though he will accept being alone, he truly hates to see you leave!
He loves car rides, butt scratching, snuggling, hanging on the couch, any kind of loving he can get. Plenty of available chew toys are a must for this guy, or he'll find his own - and they may not be what you'd want him to chew!
Enzo came to SNORT because of issues with other animals at his previous home and we think it's best he is the only furbaby in his forever home. There's a possible exception if there's one other animal that's older and not very energetic.
Enzo would make a great family man, and does very well with kids of all ages. He's very well trained and has all the basics down. He does need to learn some manners when it comes to playtime and not taking tug-of-war too seriously though!
Enzo is very healthy and requires only cleaning his face once a day to keep his wrinkles clean. He doesn't need someone to be home all day with him, but would love someone to stop home and play with him if possible!
Enzo dreams of living in a home where he can play and fart in the yard, have lots of toys and get all the butt scratches he desires. If you and your family sound like the perfect match for Enzo, please fill out a SNORT adoption application today!
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