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Thread: Snow White~~Available For Adoption in Eastern US

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    Default Snow White~~Available For Adoption in Eastern US


    Up until several months ago, Snow White's life was anything but a fairy tale. But Snowy, as she is affectionately known, has been saved from her previous life in a puppy mill and is now thriving in foster care just waiting to find her perfect forever home.
    A 49-pound English bulldog who is estimated to be anywhere from four to five years old, Snowy has come a very long way in just a few short months. She entered S.N.O.R.T. after being rescued from a puppy mill where she was bred and gave birth to an unknown number of litters. Upon being rescued, it was clear she had a few issues to be addressed.
    First, her skin was in poor condition; her fur was thinning on her back and there was evidence of an area around her neck where a chain collar had previously embedded itself. After being treated with medicated baths over the past few months, Snowy's fur looks drastically better! She still has some thin spots on her back but has absolutely no more skin issues.
    Second, Snowy's eyes were in poor shape. In mid-January she underwent eye surgeries and was also spayed; after those few procedures she is just about as good as new! She is on eye drops for chronic dry eye but the surgeries fixed what they were supposed to (double entropian) and she's well into her recovery. There's a chance she might need to continue the dry eye drops for the rest of her life but her forever home can have her eyes re-evaluated by their family vet for a second opinion. No worries, though, she takes her drops like a champ!
    Now all this talk about her health makes it easy to overlook the fact that she is one of the sweetest, happiest, quirkiest bullies you could find! Because of her former life she is definitely a bit timid around new people and situations (although her initial skittishness has gotten drastically better since entering foster care) but is never aggressive – just the opposite, in fact.
    Her foster family was worried that might be her permanent temperament but boy were they happy to be wrong! After just a few weeks her true personality started shining through. Snowy is one happy dog! She loves to hop around on her back legs, hug your legs and dance with you when you come home. While most bulldogs' tails don't wag, her little nubbin shakes and shakes and shakes when she's happy.
    She gets along very well with her foster home's resident female bullie. She has only been exposed to older children (nine and older). Because of her size, strength and exuberance she might do best with older children but only because she's not exactly aware of how strong she is! She still hasn't quite grasped the concept of "play" but adores chomping on toys like her Kongs, Nylabones and balls.
    Housetraining was a battle but after going through one heat cycle and then being treated for a UTI, she seems to be on the right track. Her foster family actually believes her housetraining issues were due to some separation anxiety so it would be more than ideal if Snowy could go to a home where someone was home the majority of the day. It's certainly not a requirement as her foster family works during the day (but checks on her at lunchtime), but it would make for the easiest transition for Snowy.
    On a similar note, a fenced-in yard is not required but Snowy is one active dog! She adores walks and while she has shown zero inclination to run away (she is the pure definition of a "Velcro dog"), a fenced-in yard would provide peace of mind for everyone.
    Enough good things cannot be said about Snowy. She is fun, energetic, sweet, cuddly and loving. She has experienced so much turbulence in her life that all she wants is to settle down for good in a forever home who can give her hugs, kisses, toys, food and attention. Oh, but be warned – she can belch with the best of them!
    Snowy is currently being fostered in Central Pennsylvania.


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> S.N.O.R.T.

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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