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Thread: Handmade Necklace Charm - Little Bennie Fairy #12

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    Smile Handmade Necklace Charm - Little Bennie Fairy #12

    Opening Bid: $10
    Shipping: $5

    Description: Handmade Necklace Charm - Little Bennie Angel Item #12

    Donated by: Petra - from all the way in South Africa

    Please Read the Auction Rules:

    Auctions End on Sunday, November 10th at 9 pm EST!!!

    To bid on this auction, just simply reply with the opening bid listed above. Next user/bidder should bid a minimum of $1.00 higher than the first!!!

    PLEASE NOTE: Your bidding price does NOT include shipping! Keep that in mind when you bid. Estimated Shipping costs are added to the auction below the opening bid. Shipping cost listed in Auction are for USA bidders.

    International Bidders: Are welcome!!! But will need to pay additional shipping costs if the shipping charge does not cover the entire shipping cost.

    If you are the winning bidder you must log in to English Bulldog News and check your personal messages for further instructions on making payment. If winning bidder does not respond & pay for the auction within 5 days we will try to contact the runner-up bidder.

    Please respond and pay quickly, because we need to send the funds to the rescues as quickly as possible. The bullies are waiting for you! If you don't have sufficient funds, please don't bid and make them wait!

    Winning bidders will need to make their donation via PAYPAL. Please do not bid if you do not have a Paypal account. Community Veterans may pay by personal check only.

    Any accrued unused shipping cost will be included in the fundraiser, so if your shipping cost ends up being less that the actual shipping cost any extra goes to the bulldogs!

    Thank you very much for participating in this fundraiser!

    100% of the Proceeds of this Auction will go to Georgia English Bulldog Rescue

    You can donate directly to GEBR by visiting their website: http://georgiaenglishbulldogrescue.org/

    Georgia English Bulldog Rescue is one of the largest bulldog rescues in the USA. They have over 40 bulldogs right now and many who are waiting for surgeries. An incredible amount of surgeries have been done this year with bills up to $10,000 for just one surgery, so it has been a very hard year for the bullies in GA. But with miracle workers like GEBR - these bullies are getting the love and care they deserve! They need funds to be able to continue rescuing more bulldogs and also funds raised for these bullies you are going to meet right now:

    Meet Helena

    Helena is a precious 4-5 year old female who escaped a "for profit" breeding facility in South Carolina. Her skin was terribly infected and was in in poor general health but the most troubling part of her appearance is that all of her teeth had been filed down to prevent human injury while she was being forcibly impregnated. Helena's eye are sad and watchful but give a hint as to what she has endured in her short life. Her skin infections have been treated and the deplorable condition of the teeth, repaired. She is now adjusting to the good life with a foster family and her foster brother Wilbur (GEBR Alum).

    Meet Gertie

    Sweet Gertie was a throw away pet. Found wondering the streets in LaGrange, GA, a good Samaritan took her to safety at the city pound. Fortunately, the shelter contacted GEBR and Gertie is now preparing herself for the princess life. Her skin infections have been treated, she has been spayed and is now preparing to undergo heartworm treatment. There are a few lingering orthopedic issues that will need to be addressed after her recovery. Gertie is living with her foster mom, perfecting "fat, lazy and spoiled rotten".

    Meet Zeus

    Zeus is a precious 2 year old who was born with a severe congenital abnormality called intrahepatic shunt. Up until recently, there was no treatment other than supportive care for dogs with this condition until this medical condition took their lives. This is our second dog this year with this condition and the second we have treated at great expense. Simon was the first, going to NYC for his procedure at Animal Medical Center. Zeus had the very first Percutaneous Transvenous Coil Embolization of intrahepatic shunt at the University of Georgia.

    Before Zeus could even undergo the procedure, his other medical needs had to be addressed. . He had a bladder infection, bladder stones, entropion and elongated palate....these were all treated before he was ready for the Grand Finale. Zeus tolerated the procedure well and is now recovering in his foster home, with GEBR foster coordinator Stephanie. His condition is closely monitored by The University of Georgia.

    Meet Darla

    Sweet, Sweet Darla is a 6 year old female who was found wondering in the middle of a country road by one of our volunteers. Darla seemed to have terrible arthritis, but that was the least of our concerns after seeing her terrible ear and skin infections. After recovery of her more acute problems, it soon became apparent that there was bit more wrong with Darla than we had originally thought. After evaluation by a Neurologist, Darla was diagnosed with a Degenerative Neuro-muscular condition. She is undergoing treatment to help slow the disease but there is no cure. Darla is now in hospice care with the rescue and lives with GEBR's director, Ruthann.

    Please help bid for the bullies of Georgia English Bulldog Rescue!

    You can donate directly to GEBR by visiting their website: http://georgiaenglishbulldogrescue.org/

    If you would like to donate items for our future auctions please contact @JeannieCO
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    Default Re: Handmade Necklace Charm - Little Bennie Fairy #12

    $10 pls
    "I am normally not a praying man, but if you really are up there, please save me Superman!'' - Homer J. Simpson

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    Default Re: Handmade Necklace Charm - Little Bennie Fairy #12

    Quote Originally Posted by savemejeebus View Post
    $10 pls
    @savemejeebus....you are the lucky winner of this fabulous item (all the way from South Africa!!)
    Total due is $15.00

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