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Thread: Kong Groom Zoom - Blue

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    Cool Kong Groom Zoom - Blue

    Opening Bid: $10.00
    Shipping: $5

    Description: Kong Groom Zoom - Blue

    Donated by: JeannieCO

    Please Read the Auction Rules:

    Auctions End on Sunday, August 11th at 9 pm EST!!!

    To bid on this auction, just simply reply with the opening bid listed above. Next user/bidder should bid a minimum of $1.00 higher than the first!!!

    PLEASE NOTE: Your bidding price does NOT include shipping! Keep that in mind when you bid. Estimated Shipping costs are added to the auction below the opening bid. Shipping cost listed in Auction are for USA bidders.

    International Bidders: Are welcome!!! But will need to pay additional shipping costs if the shipping charge does not cover the entire shipping cost.

    If you are the winning bidder you must log in to English Bulldog News and check your personal messages for further instructions on making payment. If winning bidder does not respond & pay for the auction within 5 days we will try to contact the runner-up bidder.

    Please respond and pay quickly, because we need to send the funds to the rescues as quickly as possible. The bullies are waiting for you! If you don't have sufficient funds, please don't bid and make them wait!

    Winning bidders will need to make their donation via PAYPAL. Please do not bid if you do not have a Paypal account. Community Veterans may pay by personal check only.

    Any accrued unused shipping cost will be included in the fundraiser, so if your shipping cost ends up being less that the actual shipping cost any extra goes to the bulldogs!

    Thank you very much for participating in this fundraiser!

    100% of the Proceeds of this Auction will go to Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
    Meet some of the bullies currently with IEBR who your bids will be helping care for!
    If you don't want to bid or participate on our Auction but still want to help,
    You can donate directly to IEBR by visiting their website:

    Illinois English Bulldog Rescue has several bullies that are requiring expensive medical care and daily medications. Your bids will be helping them care for these bullies along with the many other bulldogs in their care.

    Baby Bean:

    Meet Baby Bean. She came to IEBR at 6 months old. She is very tiny (20 lbs), is spina bifida and will always need diapers, blind in her left eye and is a pituitary dwarf. That means that both her parents had the recessive gene and she got the bad end of both deals! The same with her left eye, it just never formed. She doesn't know there is anything wrong with her and runs like the wind. We have spoken (thru our vet) to the U of I about her. She may or may not make it to 2 years, she may go totally bald. She goes thru a lot of diapers, a lot of wipes and a lot of shampoo. She may get a few lbs heavier but not many. She is a big hit at any event, gets along with other dogs and cats and loves her foster mama!!!


    Hello world! My name is Gonzo....I have had a really rough life until I made my way to Club IEBR. I was found DUMPED in the middle of nowhere in central Missouri. Thank goodness the Shelter who picked me up called IEBR. A really nice man named Dan came to pick me up so I could meet the Bully Transport in St. Louis to get to my foster mom's house. It was bad enough to be dumped in the country but you see what makes it even worse is that I am blind. I was so scared and so thankful when I heard someone coming to pick me up. The Vet says my eyeballs have ruptured and I am totally blind. Along with that, I have a Grade 5 Heart Murmur so getting neutered is not an option for me at my age 9ish. The vet says an operation to close the eyes is even dangerous for my heart. I love all the dogs in the house, get used to my surroundings really quickly. I am potty trained, up to date on my shots , microchipped and heartworm negative. I listen really well and can follow my foster mom anywhere. She says I am pretty close to perfect and being blind isnt really a big deal. I know that my life now will be filled with love, kindness and treats. My heart is full!

    Mr. Gladstone:

    Is new to Club IEBR, he is 9 years young and his family was moving out of the country . He has chronic ear and eye issues which will take meds for the rest of his life. His medications will probably cost IEBR about $100 per month. He just came in and the poor old boy is so confused right now.


    Written by Penny's Foster Mom:
    I was contacted on June 19 by April Johnson who is a pug rescue friend and a tech at Grant Ave here in Springfield, Mo. She had owners in the office who had an 8 year old, intact female that Dr Vanessa Domann suspected had pyometria. She was very sick. She had putulent discharge coming from her vulva and was throwing up. On top of that she had lots of fleas and was anemic. Upon exam, it was also discovered that she had mammary tumors. The owners had put Frontline on her the day before. The owners could not afford the surgery and were going to euthanize her. April remembered that I did EB resuce, so she called me. I asked for photos and told her I would contact Teresa Weybright, the President of Illinois English Bulldog Rescue to see if we were going to be able to take her in.

    I talked to Teresa and she said IEBR was really short on funds and didn't know if we could afford her vet care. She said we would put out a plea on FaceBook and see if we could raise funds quickly for her emergency spay. We quickly got people offereing to pay for the surgery so she was quickly taken to surgery.

    After surgery April told me that Penny actually had a closed pyometria but there had not been any leaking in to the body cavity. After surgery, Penny was doing ok. A little later in the day she started getting pale and shocky. Throughout the evening, April and D.r Domann came in to the clinic to check on her and administer her pain meds and antibiotics. She was very critical! Penny stayed at the vet a couple days till Dr. Domann felt she was stable enough for me to take her. On June 21, I took Penny home. Our next obsticle was to get her to eat. April had tried at the vet clinic but nothing had worked so far.

    I ended up taking Penny back in the next morning because I couldn't get her to eat and she was still so pale. Dr. Domann had Penny back on fluids for a few hours and gave her a vitamin B12 shot to see if that would inspire her to eat. It did!! She ate a little for April that morning!!

    From there it has been a slow climb upwards for Penny. She was able to drink and eat on her own, and her color has continued to improve. I worried about a possible bladder infection but Dr. Domann felt it was probably blood left over from the surgery. Her urine was checked and an x-ray done to check for bladder stones. All the tests checked out normal.

    Today, she has gotten strong enough to undergo another surgery to have her mammary tumors removed. This surgery will be done by Dr. Ted Betzen at Spring Valley Veterinary Hospital.


    This is Trella. She was a confiscate in southern Missouri...chained to a tree and almost starved to death. Animal Control took her and two other dogs and arrested the owners. Trella came in heartworm positive (of course), once we got her through that, she was not only spayed but had to have her tail amputated due to such a deep pocket, it had been infected for months and months. Once she healed from that, THEN she had to have entropian on both eyes. This girl is now healing from her last surgery and will be looking for her own family very soon

    If you don't want to bid or participate on our Auction but still want to help,
    You can donate directly to IEBR by visiting their website:

    If you have items you would like to donate to future EBN Auctions, please contact @JeannieCO
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    Default Re: Kong Groom Zoom - Blue


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    Default Re: Kong Groom Zoom - Blue

    Congratulations @AubreysMom

    This winning bid on this item including shipping is................................$15.00

    On behalf of the bulldogs you will be helping......Thank you!

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