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Thread: ~Manny~Dogue De Bordueax available for adoption in Ontario Canada

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    Default ~Manny~Dogue De Bordueax available for adoption in Ontario Canada


    Manny's Info... I am already neutered, housetrained, purebred, and good with dogs.
    Manny's Story...
    Manny is a sweet boy that needs guidance. He is willing to do most anything for food & responds well to positive reinforcement. He loves to play with my other dogs but sometimes doesn't realize how big he is and flies around like a wild man. He is just a big puppy tho. He and my female english bulldog r the best of friends. He sits nicely for his food & treats. He is very well mannered in my home & in my yard. He was a counter surfer, but i think we have worked through that. He likes to just lay on the porch or in the grass and enjoy the fresh air. He is content & relaxed in the yard alone when i am in the house. He barely barks unless there is a reason except for when in the kennel & i leave. He fetches and drops the ball when he brings it back. He used to be extremely snappy around his head and neck. I have worked on that & can now clean his ears on my own with no issues. He doesnt do well if you try to force him into something he doesnt want to do, but using food always gets him to do it Or if u slip a leash on him and guide him, he will do what you want. He is very food oriented & he is willing to please. He is crate trained for the most part, but hates to be left alone (seperation anxiety) and will cry & bark when i exit the house. This has decreased a huge amount and he only barks for a few minutes now when i leave & is calm and quiet upon my return. He will snap if you try to force him in the kennel, so i just throw a kong with peanut butter in it when i want him to go in. When in the kennel at night and i am in the house, he doesnt make a peep, it is only when i leave. He will go and sleep in his crate on his own at times also. He is a cat chaser but doesnt want to harm the cat, he thinks it is a game. He also has improved in cat chasing a huge amount. He doesnt seem to have food aggression, however when he did have a rawhide, he snapped and snarled at me. I have worked on manners on a leash & he has definitely improved with that. He still needs further training & an experienced owner that can keep him in check. He does prefer my female dogs over my male ( he doesnt have much to do with him). My male is also the smallest dog in the house, not sure if that is what it is or if it is because he is a male? He is a sweet loving boy that just needs someone that is willing to continue his training and lead him onward. He loves people but tries to jump on them when he gets excited. Still working on that. He never jumps on me, it is just when excited for the new people.* WILL NOT BE ADOPTED TO HOMES WITH CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Homeward Bound

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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