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Thread: ~~Cora~~ American Bulldog available for adoption in Ontario Canada

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    Default ~~Cora~~ American Bulldog available for adoption in Ontario Canada

    -cora-hbr-jpgCora is a 16-month-old American Bulldog.
    Cora is very friendly and always excited to greet people but she’s pretty good at keeping four on the floor when you come home as well. She is full of energy and loves going on long walks, playing with her foster brother, sun bathing, or playing with the jolly ball outside.
    Cora is excellent at going potty outside. She is crate trained and enjoys her time in the crate while we are out but would really, really love it if you stuffed a kong and froze it for her. In her kong she likes yogurt, dog food, peanut butter, bananas...anything really.
    Cora LOVES food; she is content to sleep in her crate at night but has been spoiled and also excels at sleeping on a dog bed in the bedroom. Unlike our usual tenants, Cora does not snore!
    Cora would love to go to an active home. She currently gets two hours of walks per day in her foster home (an hour morning and evening) and has done well with carrying lightly weighted dog packs. She is great on sidewalks, country roads, and shows a high level of interest in forested trails. She is great on a leash but is a scavenger on walks and will graze on grass as she goes. She does pick up other items (rocks, twigs, etc) but usually promptly drops them. She knows her basic commands extremely well: sit, paw, down, stay. She is working on a more reliable “leave it”. If Cora’s exercise needs are met she is a calm, well-behaved, cuddly love bug.

    Cora is good with dogs* although she is a puppy and is a bit pushy in her desire to play so playful dogs of her own size (50lbs+) would be best suited for her. A confidant somewhat smaller dog would be ok too. We have not tried her around cats but knowing Cora she would probably chase them around all day trying to play so a home without a cat might be better. (For the cat at least!)
    *Cora has demonstrated resource guarding with toys and food around other dogs. She has no problems if all toys are put away and any toy play time is done separately. She is currently learning how to eat politely with her foster brother. Cora has never gotten her back up at her humans but a home with no small children would be best. She would love a home that would continue to help her learn her toy and food manners.


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Homeward Bound

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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