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Thread: ~~Honey~~ Pug available for adoption in Ontario Canada

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    Default ~~Honey~~ Pug available for adoption in Ontario Canada

    -honey-hbr-jpgHi - My name is Honey and I am a beautiful 6 year old female pug full of personality! Don't let my grumpy face fool you - I am quite the charmer in real life. I am spayed and fully up to date on my shots. I have even had my teeth done! I also did undergo eye surgery for ulcers and entropian but am perfectly fine now. I came to HBR along with my brother, Toby, and even though we came together, I don't mind being separated from him. He's actually a real pain in my butt sometimes .. you know how boys can be Toby and I came from a very loving family who found themselves in a situation where they were no longer able to give us the life we deserve. We were couped up most of the day and night with not much attention and I LOVE attention. I am quite the affectionate girl.

    Not much phases me .. Kids, adults, dogs, cats .. I love them all and will snuggle with each and every one of them. I am a little more outgoing and personable than my little brother, as I like everybody .. he seems to like foster mom the best. My foster fur-brothers, a Boxer and a Mastiff think I'm really funny too - I don't mind telling them who is boss around here

    Foster mom says I am a "good girl" because I don't run from my crazy 16month old foster human brother. He grabs me and tries very hard to pat me and I just let him - I don't mind .. he's just a baby! I actually really just like the attention too - sometimes he even has peanut butter on his face that I will clean for him. Not one mean bone in this girl's whole body!

    Like my brother, we aren't use to so much space and freedom at this new place so I forget to go potty outside every once in a while, but I am quickly catching on to the routine around here. I'm pretty clever. I'm also perfectly crate trained and know a few tricks like sit. I bark at all the new noises and neighbours around here, but I'm learning that they're not so scary after all. I LOVE my food and I'm quicker than the boys around here when the baby throws food on the floor .. and I also eat my dinner peacefully beside my brother without any problems.

    I love my walks and outtings but I love nothing more than to curl up on a human's lap and have a nice nap. Do you have a comfy lap that I can curl up in?


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Homeward Bound

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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    I'm a good girl, I promise

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