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Thread: ~ Gingerbell ~ English Bulldog/Beagle Mix Available for Adoption in Canada ~

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    Default ~ Gingerbell ~ English Bulldog/Beagle Mix Available for Adoption in Canada ~

    Hi, My name is GingerBelle.
    I am a really sweet little girl; part beagle and part bull dog about 35 pounds. I am around 3 years old and have been spayed already. I get along well with other dogs once I've been introduced. I currently live with 3 parrots and have learned to not chase or bother them when they fly around in the house. I will sit for cookies because they are so yummy and I am learning my manners but it’s hard not to stare when people are eating.
    I am a really good girl about sleeping in my crate at night but if my blankets and pillows aren't quite right I will quietly talk to you about that until you come straighten things out for me. I love to have lots of blankets so I can get under them and be cozy but I want a nice soft pillow to sleep on as well. Some people say there must be peas in my crate because I’m such a princess, but I’ve never found anything but cookies.
    I can run like the wind and like to follow my nose so I need a secure fenced yard, but I don't like to go outside in the yard all by myself. When I need to go out, and no one comes with me, I am so scared I will never be let back in again that I can't stop myself from crying at the door and I forget why I wanted out in the first place

    I really love to play and big kids are fun because they run with me and play "catch me if you can" and throw sticks and balls for me so I can tear around the yard and burn off my abundance of energy. Little kids are scary though, their arms and hands moving so fast and suddenly so close to me makes me feel like they want to hurt me so I would rather just be with big kids and adults.

    I have moved around a lot in my short life and really wish I could find a forever home with people who will be gentle and kind to me and teach me what they want from me with good training and lots and lots of praise when I’m good. I learn so much faster with praise and it makes me wiggle with pleasure when I do something right. If I make a mistake, it really isn't my fault, I just haven't been taught what to do yet and I need your help to learn so I can get over my fear of the punishment I used to get.

    Wanna Adopt?

    Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website --->

    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> Homeward Bound

    Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News!
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    Default Re: ~ Gingerbell ~ English Bulldog/Beagle Mix Available for Adoption in Canada ~

    I'm a good girl, I promise

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