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Meet Chip & Dale! Adorable 11 month old bullies, right? PLEASE READ their bio carefully before considering bringing them into your home. These puppies are the result of a backyard breed-for-greed situation…part of the ‘mini bulldog’ craze! Chip and Dale found their way into rescue because a young couple purchased them without realizing they were sick and in need of medical care. Of course, the breeder wouldn’t take them back. After five months of medical care in rescue, they are now ready for their forever home. Again, please read their bios carefully prior to inquiring about them.

CHIP – AKA Mr. Happy. He is a very sweet boy that wants nothing more than to hang right next to you with his Kong ball. He provides his own entertainment…flip the ball, chase the ball and repeat. Minimal walking for him…maybe a couple houses down and back. No stairs.

DALE – AKA Mr. Mischief. He likes to figure out what makes things tick and is quite persistent in the discovery process. He loves human attention but would rather see what mischief he can get into. Then, he’ll call Chip over and the party begins. Dale has a front leg deformity that is inoperable. He gets around just fine…in fact, he wins every running race with Chip. No walks and no stairs for him. Dale needs to monitor his exercise as he’ll get overexcited and needs to rest.

These boys are codependent and will only be PLACED TOGETHER. They sleep intertwined and are best buddies.

Their ideal home is a family that will accept them for who they are and love them unconditionally. If you are seriously interested in providing these sweet boys their forever home and understand their physical limitations, please complete an adoption application thru our website at Welcome to Southern California Bulldog Rescue - Southern California Bulldog Rescue and mention Chip and Dale. We will not ship dogs anywhere, please do not ask.

We will only respond to interested parties that have an application already submitted.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT PLACE OUR DOGS IN HOMES OUTSIDE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (For adoptions in the San Diego area, please contact San Diego Bulldog Rescue at San Diego Bulldog Rescue - Finding Loving Homes for Bulldogs in Need! - Adoption and Rescue Services) PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTACTING BULLDOG RESCUEGeneral information:Bulldogs in Southern California will only be adopted in Southern California and no out of state adoptions. Out of state applications are encouraged to contact their local rescue program and speak with them about local dogs. ** PLEASE HAVE AN APPLICATION ON FILE PRIOR TO INQUIRING ABOUT ANY OF THE BULLDOGS - NO EXCEPTIONS. ** For a complete description of how our adoption process works, go here: About Adopting - Southern California Bulldog Rescue Applications can be found at Welcome to Southern California Bulldog Rescue - Southern California Bulldog Rescue or email us directly for assistance with the applications. Adoption fees between $400.00 to $1000.00 do apply with adoptions, pets will have all shots completed and be spayed or neutered.


Please view the adoption process and fill out an application at their website---> socalbulldogrescue.org

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