English Bulldog • Senior • Male • Medium


Hi my name is Charlie Brown and I am 9 years old. I had a bad experience with my first owners when I was just a pup that left me with a limp, but I found a new home and I love my family. My favorite game is tug of war with anything that I can get a good grip on but coarse rope if my favorite. Even though I am 8 years old with a bum knee I love to chase tennis balls with the children for hours on end. After I like to crash on the patio and get some sun and fresh air – but who doesn’t really? There are three children in the family; a 6 year old and 5-year-old twins. It has been my job to watch over them since the day they were born. The oldest is my favorite, though. He feeds me and takes me on walks and I love being with him. It has been difficult for me since the family moved from the big house with a yard to the smaller house. I miss the patio. Even though I love my family, I want to slow down a bit and enjoy my remaining years. Sleep a little, walk a little, sun a little etc… I would love a family that would be ok just relaxing and going for an occasional walk. Oh, I do love raw hide bones, so an abundant supply of bones would make my day.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE DO NOT PLACE OUR DOGS IN HOMES OUTSIDE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. (For adoptions in the San Diego area, please contact San Diego Bulldog Rescue at San Diego Bulldog Rescue - Finding Loving Homes for Bulldogs in Need! - Adoption and Rescue Services) PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTACTING BULLDOG RESCUEGeneral information:Bulldogs in Southern California will only be adopted in Southern California and no out of state adoptions. Out of state applications are encouraged to contact their local rescue program and speak with them about local dogs. ** PLEASE HAVE AN APPLICATION ON FILE PRIOR TO INQUIRING ABOUT ANY OF THE BULLDOGS - NO EXCEPTIONS. ** For a complete description of how our adoption process works, go here: About Adopting - Southern California Bulldog Rescue Applications can be found at Welcome to Southern California Bulldog Rescue - Southern California Bulldog Rescue or email us directly for assistance with the applications. Adoption fees between $400.00 to $1000.00 do apply with adoptions, pets will have all shots completed and be spayed or neutered.


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