Name: Jeyda
Age: 0
Gender: Female
Location: Ojai, CA

Reason given up for adoption:


Health Condition:
See below

Placement Limitations:
See below

Special Needs:

Contact Information:

Hello, world. I am Jeyda, and I am about 9 months old. My foster mom says I am the sweetest bully she’s ever met. I love to high-five everyone who comes around, and I even do it to my foster bully brothers and sister when I want to play. I don’t remember much about my past life, as I am young and it was difficult, but I heard my foster mom telling someone the other day that I had something called demodex, and that I was bald when I got here. But thanks to my foster mom giving me lots of baths, medicine, and good food, I now have a gorgeous coat that I love to show off. However, I do have some other issues you need to be aware of. I have an enlarged heart, two bad hips, and I am incontinent. I don’t know what that word means, but I do know that I have to wear a diaper. But please don’t let these things scare you off. I play and run and love just like all the others here. I don’t consider these things disabilities – they are just what makes me who I am. I love to chew on things like other bullies my age, I love to play with the other dogs in the house, and I love to get all the attention I can get.

Jeyda has a condition called spina bifida. Please do your research on this condition and be prepared to answer questions if you are truly interested in adopting her. She will need to wear diapers for the rest of her life. Her condition cannot be fixed.

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