Age: 9 months
Gender: Female
Location: Sonoma, CA

Reason given up for adoption: Not getting along with other dog in the home
Temperament: Loves people, does not tolerate other dogs.
Health Condition: Excellent
Placement Limitations: Northern California only. She must be the only pet in the home. No children under age 12. No cats. Must be willing to commit to additional training with Duchess with trainer or organized class setting. Previous experience with Bulldogs preferred.
Special Needs: No

The heartfelt description was written by her current owner:

“This is Duchess a 9 month old spayed female English Bulldog. She is a beautiful blend of white and fawn colors. She is smaller than most bulldogs because her mom and dad were both runts so she will probably stay around 40 pounds. She is loving, loyal and according to our children the silliest dog ever. Unlike most bulldogs, Duchess is full of energy. She loves long walks and she has a special knack for rock climbing. You heard me right, she enjoys nothing more than starting her day off by hiking up a rocking trail and she will not stop until she reaches the top. She loves to take naps on your feet and she is a world class “snorer”. We consider that a talent, don’t you? It is with much sadness and a heavy heart that we are seeking a new home for Duchess. You see Duchess is an Alpha female and the problem is that we already have an Alpha female in our home. We have worked with a trainer since June trying to find a way to get Duchess and our older dog to accept one another but it just has not worked. While there has been some progress, fundamentally it has become apparent that she needs to be the only dog in the home as she is territorial with her things and the people that she loves. She is aggressive towards small dogs. She is leash trained and crate trained. We call her our “sunshine girl” because she lights up our home with joy and happiness. She could bring that kind of warmth and love into yours. If you are interested in this magnificent little girl please let us know.”

Please read her placement restrictions prior to requesting additional information about Duchess. There will be no exceptions to her placement restrictions. With the right owner who is willing to commit to ongoing training, she will become a lovely addition to the right home.

Update: No longer available!

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