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Thread: Belle ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Northern California

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    Default Belle ~~ English Bulldog available for adoption in Northern California

    Name: Belle
    Age: 6
    Gender: Female
    Location: Marin County, CA

    Reason given up for adoption:
    Other dogs in home not accepting her


    Health Condition:
    Very good

    Placement Limitations:
    No cats, no other dogs, no small children. Will be placed in No Calif only. Vet reference and home check required.

    Special Needs:

    Will need ongoing prescription medication for dry eye which must be administered daily. Regular ear cleaning to prevent wax build up needed.

    I am fawn colored (golden brown) with a white chest and white socks. I weigh 48 pounds. I am in very good shape and enjoy brisk walks with my Mommy. I love a car ride and am happy sitting on the floor of the front seat. I love going to department stores with my Mommy to help her shop and I am always a good doggie citizen. I was a therapy dog for my first owner. I do not bark, rather I make a cute “mewing” sound when I want something”. I am very affectionate and love to rest my head on my Mommy’s lap so she can pet me. I love sleeping in my doggie bed where my Mommy is working or watching TV.

    I am okay with other doggies, but I can be jealous if another dog my size or bigger approaches my Mommy or my little cousins, Monty or Penny. I would prefer being the only doggie in my new home so I get all of the love and attention that I want. I am kennel trained. I love meeting new people (adults and kids) and frequently approach them looking for a pet or scratch.

    I have been spayed and am current with all of my vaccinations.

    The reason why I am up for adoption is because Monty and Penny (Norwich Terriers) were here with my Mommy and Daddy before me and they are very jealous of me. There are occasional scuffles. My first owner, who died of cancer, did not have a chance to properly socialize me. I miss the “doggie social queues” so I get into trouble with my alpha housemates.

    An adoption application, a vet reference check and a home check will be required.

    Adoption Fee is 250.


    To view more available English Bulldogs from this rescue, click this link ---> NorCal Bulldog Rescue
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