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    Misty's Story:

    On Saturday Misty unfortunately tore her ACL while doing what she loves to do best, running around with her older human brothers. Misty was just running around, as she usually does, when all of a sudden she abruptly stops, sits, and begins to walk without putting any pressure on her hind right leg. We initially thought it was probably a cramp, but on Sunday morning she refused to get out of bed and all she would do was lift up her head. We have been carrying her in and out of the apartment in order for her to relieve herself. We knew something was seriously wrong. We were devastated. On a normal morning when she sees us, she gets right up shaking her entire behind (because she doesn't have a tail) waiting patiently for anyone to open her crate and give her "din-din" (its what we call her breakfast or dinner). So, we immediately take her to her regular vet where they take xrays and suspect a torn acl, referring us to see a specialist. My husband and I immediately look at each other knowing this is not going to be an easy fix economically, as we have been enduring some family/monetary hardships. The next thought in our mind was, "There's no way we can take her from the boys. It's what they had been asking for for years! What are we going to do?" It's been a rough couple of days just watching her lay in her crate, not knowing what the final verdict is. Today we visited a true angel from heaven (her specialist) who will operate on our Misty next week knowing we do not have the means to do so right NOW.

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    Very sorry to hear about Misty... do hope she heals up quickly. here is a link to a list of places you may be able to get some assistance from
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