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Hi helsonwheels! Thanks for your response. To be quite honest we know he has allergies to both food and environmental due to his licking his paws. He also smells like yeast constantly. We feed him Merrick Grain Free Salmon kibble. He was on another kibble that had chicken but he broke out in hives so we changed to Merrick when he was around 4-6 months. We didn't have problems with that food as far as hives. I started giving him hemp oil recently for his allergies but stopped BC my husband thinks that's what's causing the allergies/itching to his rope nose. I don't think that's the cause... I would love to put him on raw food but don't know where to begin (how much, how often, and what to buy to make for him). He eats his food in aluminum bowls and gets only filtered water. I know he has allergies that bother him and I don't like to see him like this. Idk what else to do.

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His kibbles has Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Potatoes, Canola oil n Natural Flavor. Natural Flavour means a preservative. Potatoes in general for a dog even peas can cause yeast issues. Aluminum bowls are conductors of any chemical (preservatives). Unless you meant stainless steel then you’re good. Since you’re aware of his food and environmental allergies, why not go straight to frozen raw? You will solve over 70% of his allergies if not more. This goes for his treats n snacks. When feeding raw there isn’t really a transition to do. But you can always do one if you feel more comfortable. Example cause it’s real meat n organs start 50/50 per day for 3days then 75/25 for 2 more days then 100% raw. Poop will be a bit different as raw makes them poop like little nuggets n dryer. You will need to add FRESH raw veggies like bell peppers, carrots, green beans. NO cans...just fresh! Just a thought …

Oh one more thing, I personally don’t like giving fish kibbles to dogs in all meals cause of ethoxyquin. I give fresh frozen herrings to mine but it’s rotate with tripe.