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    As a holistic house call veterinarian, many of my patients are geriatric dogs in need of hospice care. A challenge facing many senior dogs and their owners is maintaining the skin and coat health around the anus, vulva, and prepuce (the sheath housing the penis). These areas often accumulate bodily secretions, which cause skin irritation and increase potential for infection (skin, urinary tract, other).
    Besides keeping hair trimmed appropriately short, using a non-irritating wipe can help promote cleanliness. I like Preparation H Wipes, or comparable witch hazel and aloe products, which have natural antiseptic and soothing qualities.
    These wipes can also be used to clean feet, faces, and ears. Packages can be kept in your home, car, or office and make great stocking stuffers.
    There are so many more products available to dog and cat lovers that can make great gifts. Before purchasing or accepting just any pet product, consider the potential positive or negative health implications. Ultimately, your pet will thank you for it.

    Dr. Patrick Mahaney
    Image: KellyNelson / via Shutterstock
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    Hug your bully today

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    Great help & good advice for our pups...thanks, Lynn!

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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