Let me know if you ever want to schedule a play date! I live in the Montrose area and Izzy is always up for play time!
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Resurrecting this old thread here, but - I just took my Hattie on a day trip to Magnolia Market a month or two ago! So much fun! They're super dog friendly! She was allowed to walk all through the store and all the employees kept stopping us to say hi to her. =)

This is so good to know! I've only been to one Meet-Up. (I feel we may have met?) It was fun having so many bullies, but I'm not thrilled about dog parks - partly because she has so many outdoor allergies and partly because they're public and not everyone is a responsible dog owner. I'm so glad to hear this though. Summers are intense here! I was afraid she wouldn't be able to play until October! Haha.