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Thread: Another Bully Meetup in Toronto

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    Default Another Bully Meetup in Toronto

    Hello again fellow GTAers!

    So there has been another meetup scheduled for Sunday May 6 @ 11am. It will be at Cherry Beach in downtown Toronto. It's just at the bottom of Cherry St. Take it til it ends and go into the parking lot on the right. Park there (for FREE) and the off-leash dog park is right there. There IS a beach there. If your dog likes the water (like Guinness) they will love it. If not, the park is huge and it is easy to steer clear of the beach.

    This is a FANTASTIC dog park! It's where we take Guinness every day. She loves it.

    Unfortunately we won't be able to attend this meetup as hubby, Guinness, and I will be out of town. But I wanted to let you all know again.

    Again, here is the link to the actual Meetup website. It is $15 to join the group. That's kinda why I post the meetups here.

    Also, I created a FB page as another avenue to just post the meetups. The link is here.

    3 ways to find out about the Bully meetup in Toronto

    I hope if you go you have lots of fun and post lots of pics, so we can see what we missed out on! We so enjoyed meeting everyone last time.

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    Default Re: Another Bully Meetup in Toronto

    *BUMP* this time the meetup is THIS SUNDAY JUNE 3 at coronation park at 11am. I'll be there with Lola, i've invited lola's mom (and her mom)
    @savemejeebus will be there to collect some imported goods tag some others that I can't spell offhand ...
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    Default Re: Another Bully Meetup in Toronto

    Trying to think who else to tag ...

    I heard it's going to be cool on Sunday, a break from the heat wave, what perfect timing!
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    Default Re: Another Bully Meetup in Toronto

    Guinn and I are so disappointed that we are going to miss the meetup AGAIN! Be sure to take lots of pictures and share!

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