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Thread: What caused my puppies to die?

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    Very sorry to hear this but, unfortunately anytime you put a dog under you run the risk of loosing them or their pups. And as stated earlier, if you signed and agreement with you vet clearing them of any damages then you simply don't have a case. That's why most all vets have you sign something because it is so easy to loose a dog when put under.

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    My deepest sympathy for you and for the situation,

    Not much else to say that has not already been stated. Breeding EBD are one of the hardest breeds to work with due to so many limitations to breed and c-sections. I am ALSO very lucky to have 3 EXCELLENT vets that have done c-sections for many years. I have narrowed down to 2 Vet specialists rather than all 3. The 3rd one is a single vet practice and does not work night or weekends. The other 2 vet clinics have multiple vets, on call, and are available for nights, weekends, holidays and emergencies.

    I have not had any loss in deliveries so I do not have any more to offer.

    But for ANYONE else reading these posts…make sure you ASK your vet if they specialize, not just see Bulldogs. Many vets will SEE bulldogs as patients, but unless they SPECIALIZE in working with them, AND have experience with C-Sections….move on.

    Good Day~

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