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Thread: Chronic UTI while in heat

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    Default Chronic UTI while in heat

    Both my bitches get a UTI while they're in heat. they are mother and daughter. Does anybody else have this, this screws up my AI. It is so hard to tell when they are in standing heat. I do have a stud in my house and that's normally how I can tell when they're in standing heat but it seems like they're standing through the entire time. when I put the tube in all of this goo and blood rushes out and it is so nasty and foul-smelling. I do get medicine from the vet that is supposed to clear it up, which it does, but it doesn't seem to clear it up until after they're out of heat and I have not been able to get my girl pregnant for like 6 Heats now because I fear this UTI is getting in the way. Does anyone else have this issue. I really only want to hear if anybody else is familiar with this issue. Thank you. If you are going to bash me for whatever reason please do not respond.

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    What antibiotic are you using while they are in heat? You might try a strong antibiotic like baytril a month before they come into heat. More bacteria can get I'm inside a female while they are swollen in heat. You may have to do a surgical instead of a AI. But would still try a strong antibiotic a month before

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