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Thread: swollen vulva?

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    Default swollen vulva?

    Hi everyone!

    My baby Venus will be 1 year and 5 months old next week. Her last heat was back in April/May, but I believe she went through a silent heat (no bleeding, no vulva licking, no increased in urination). I didn't even know she went through her first heat until there was some noticeable changes in her nipples and vulva.

    I had pomeranians before and the changes in their vulva was very obvious during heat so it was always easy to spot. However, I'm totally inexperienced when it comes to English Bulldog.

    My question is (i know it's a weird request), if it's possible for me to get some pictures of the swollen vulva for English Bulldog so I know exactly what to look for next month?

    I'd attached a picture of her vulva (Taken today).

    Thanks so much everyone!!

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    Default Re: swollen vulva?


    That certainly looks like she is in heat at some stage. And sometimes it gets even BIGGER than this and looks like a ruby red cauliflower...

    We've had some females that only spot a few blood spots during the entire heat cycle (which can be up to 3 weeks long), others are very short 7-10 days, and some have so much blood it looks like hemorrhaging.

    A quick Google search shows many examples. Spaying is a good option to eliminate heat cycles and prevent future reproduction diseases.

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