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Thread: Breeding

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    Default Breeding

    Hey y'all its been a long time since ive been on. My babies are rocco and roxie
    Im a crazy dog lady. I really want another one.
    My Rocco is 2 and Roxie is 1.
    They are bothe from different litters. I want to breed them,but before i do i want all the information i can get. I have been doing alot of reading and understand its takes a lot of work and time also risk. I really want one from them. Im not trying to breed for money. I have a lot of people tell me it cost so much to breed cuase of all the vet fees then they tell me "oh but u will make that back up u can sell them for a lot" im not interested in the money part.some people just dont get it. My Rocco and Roxie are my babies my world. when they have puppies i dont even think i can sell or give them away. Some people dont realize they are not just dogs they are family. And to me you dont put family outside. These dogs are indoor dogs. Sorry i know im going on and on. I need to know who are good contacts in the ontario CA area. I need to know whos been doing this for years. what to know more and hear other stories. Whos breeding out ther. Was it worth it? I dont want to hear from the ones that say "yeah its worth it u can make some money" Like i said im not in it for the money. Thats why i have a job so i can take care of my babies. If any one can get me in contact with really good people who know about breeding that would be great. Or any stories please leave comments. Thank you guys

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    Default Re: Breeding

    I will send a pm with my site with some info on it.

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    Default Re: Breeding

    my breeder came from ontario, ca. also and i believe he had Dr. Butchko in riverside that did whole process from beginning to end.

    Please inquire with them as to the fees involve with the semen transplant and through delivery. Good Luck.
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    Default Re: Breeding

    You can PM me. We have been breeding and showing for many years now.


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