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Thread: searching for blood lines that meet the new UK KC standard changes

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    Default searching for blood lines that meet the new UK KC standard changes

    Hello All from Surrey, UK

    You may have heard that the UK Kennel Club issued an updated breed standard in 2010, which has stirred up a lot of debate amongst the fanciers of the breed as we know it. Some of the debate between them can be found here URL. My intent is not to bring that debate to this forum. I am simply looking for your input on whether there are any breeders that have (club registered) dogs which exhibit the traits of the new standard.
    Some of the changes in the standard are aimed to "undo" the extreme bulliness of the dogs that has developed during the 20th century. I guess the idea is to have a more agile, better breathing dog, with less fold related infections.
    What I am looking for is:

    - dogs with some muzzle bone
    - less wrinkle/excessive skin, and less nose roll
    - balanced body with no large difference in the width between front and back
    - back only very slightly higher than front. Dog not too heavy set to the front.
    - free moving, able to cover distance without breathing issues or issues related to too heavy and bulky build.

    If you know of any breeders that have dogs with the above traits could you please reply to this thread with the information?

    Here are some parts of the new standard with the changes emphasized (comments in brackets by the Breed Council which fought to preserve look of the breed as is):

    • Face from front of cheek bone to nose, relatively short, skin may be slightly wrinkled.
    • Jaws broad, strong and square, lower jaw slightly (asked for ‘slightly’ to be removed (rejected)) projecting in front of upper, with moderate turn up (asked to reinstate ‘and turning up’ as ‘moderate’ not appropriate (rejected)). Over nose wrinkle (asked to change wrinkle to roll (rejected)), if present, whole or broken, must never adversely affect or obscure eyes or nose. Pinched nostrils and heavy over nose roll are unacceptable and should be heavily penalised.
    • Distance from inner corner of eye (or from centre of stop between eyes) to extreme tip of nose should not be less than distance from tip of the nose to edge of the underlip. (Although this measurement had been removed from the interim standard we asked for it to be reinstated. The KC have altered the wording so as instead of the length given being the maximum length of the muzzle it is now the minimum with no length of muzzle limit).
    • Back short, strong, broad at shoulders (asked to reinstate ‘ comparatively narrower at loins' (rejected)). Hindquarters Legs large and muscular, slightly longer in proportion than forelegs. Hocks slightly bent, well let down; legs long and muscular from loins to hock. Stifles turned very slightly outwards away from body.
    • Slight fall to back close behind shoulders (lowest part) whence spine should rise to loins (top higher than top of shoulder), curving again more suddenly to tail, forming slight arch
    • Stifles turned very slightly outwards away from body. (Asked in include ‘hocks thereby made to approach each other and hind feet to turn very slightly outwards’ (rejected))

    Best regards!!!

    Simon P

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    Default Re: searching for blood lines that meet the new UK KC standard changes

    I would like to see this new stardard illustrated like the "old" one.

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    Default Re: searching for blood lines that meet the new UK KC standard changes

    Me too. Would love to see it illustrated.

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    Default Re: searching for blood lines that meet the new UK KC standard changes


    The pendulum is swinging to another direction. If you have seen any pictures of Eng Bulldogs from 100 years ago or even drawings from earlier, you can see a big difference. Too many people that think the "normal" bulldog is suppose to have the very difficult breathing problems, only getting their opinionated view based on what is mostly being portrayed in the public eye. A better view is to see a bulldog at a top level dog show. No breathing problems there ! And even more so on the World and International level, the quality of dogs that are at the top are the "best of the best".

    My point about this is that all along we have been looking for conformationally correct bulldog bloodlines to buy and breed. How many dogs out there do not have a "wheelback" to the profile? Too many people think the hump is NOT suppose to be there.... Actually IT IS !

    The dictionary defines

    1. The act of conforming or the state of being conformed.
    2. The structure or outline of an item or entity, determined by the arrangement of its parts.

    3. A symmetrical arrangement of the parts of a thing.

    I don't mind that the public is looking to go "back" to what the EBD was suppose to be. I will meet them there....

    "Opinions are FREE, Suggestions are TRUSTED, Advice is RESPECTED" bwl @2013

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    Default Re: searching for blood lines that meet the new UK KC standard changes

    Hello there I'm from Oxfordshire. And my bulldog pup is bred to the new standards. his blood line is well known

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    Default Re: searching for blood lines that meet the new UK KC standard changes

    Hi i also know of a very well known kennel in the UK who is now breeding to the new standards. Infact, a month or so ago, they posted a pup at their FB page who was bred to according to it.

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