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Thread: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    True to all of this ...I hate brokers and puppy stores. I give the local puppy store grief all the time, I can see it in their eyes when they see me! lol no pups need to be sold that way...they are the front line of the puppy mills!
    S Martin
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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    I purchased a bulldog puppy from Matrix and it developed congenital issues leaving the poor thing unable to walk. I filed a formal complaint with the State agricultural department and with the better business beaurue. I also had a certified letter given to him and a written aggreement that he was going to reimburse me the medical costs that the puppy has incured. But 2 years later I still have not recieved any form of reimbersment or communication from him. He is just out to to make a supply chain of poorly bread bulldogs for quantity and not quality. This is just a shame......

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    I will say that Brook and I met this weekend and worked out our agreement with the "refund" or "replacement" what ever you would consider it. He got to see Bella and we talked about her condition, he was very cordial and it was a very pleasant experience.

    Always with me

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    I too have recently purchased a bully from this guy. I wish I would have done my research. 1 day after returning home with my boy, he begins coughing. After not being able to contact the breeder, and the cough getting worse, I took the little guy to the Vet. The vet said he could have an upper resp. infection, or a collapsed trachea. It sucks listening to him coughing now non stop. Tonight I was about to lose it, and I called the owner. He told me he would be willing to work something out. He is going to supply some meds that he is sure will clear it up. If it doesn't he said he would replace the pup.

    Believe it or not , my last bully was bought by a very reputable breeder, who is a member of the bulldog club of America. That dog had absolutely no problems until late in life. I just want a healthy pup, and I feel that holding up my end of a purchase should afford me that right. The reviews and complaints I have read are just sickening. I hope I can get my boy healthy, because right now he's miserable.

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    I have reason to believe that Brook and his girlfriend/wife Kassie are operating under this website now Grand Bulldogs - Home
    he used to post ad's on Hoobly Free Classifieds under the pet classified section and it seems they are doing that now. The add screams brook and one of his dirty little scams. They claim they have been breeding for over 7 years on every site. They always claim the parents being on the premises’, which I found to be a complete scam.
    At first I was in denial about being scammed, but then I began to investigate. The female he claimed to be the mother of my dog was only 7 months old at the time my pup was born according to AKC. if I’m not mistaking that would have made the pup very young/too young to produce a litter. And if not the photos of the dogs we were shown were both well into adulthood (easily 3-4 years of age) I emailed several times asking for explanation, photos of the dogs, ages etc. and he always responded "look dude if you want to talk about MY DOGS, you can call me. but when I would call the coward wouldn’t pick up the phone"
    This guy and his lady are both crooks and need to be shut down. funny thing is, he used to advertise he sold a dog from the same litter mine came from to Ernest Wilford Jr. former Jacksonville Jaguars player and had pictures of the two of them on his website for advertising. If only someone get in touch with him, he has plenty of money to sue this clown and to keep him from ever selling or touching a dog ever again.

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    This is the same guy. Unfortunatley we didn't research enough and although we didn't buy our dog directly from him..we discovered our pup did come from him (that is a whole different thread). Our pup died today @ 15weeks old. We are devestated and after calling this "Brooke" to confront him about the pup we had been sold...he sent us a pic of another pup he has for sale...that puppy is on the site Grand Bull Dogs. So yes this is the same guy.

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    Brook Roque is the cruelest person I've ever come across. We bought a puppy from him who had parvo. She started coughing the day we brought her home, and it only took 5 days before she had to be hospitalized at the vet. It was the most horrible experience we've ever been through. After $2200 in vet bills, she didn't make it. Brook didn't even care and wouldn't respond to phone calls or emails. Our vet verified that the puppy was not given the proper vaccines as Brook had claimed. If he had just given her a shot that costs less than $3, she never would have gotten parvo in the first place. It's unbelievable. We tried to take him to court to get our money back, but all we did was waste another $1000 in lawyer fees before realizing it would cost more money to fight him than we would get back. He also gave us fake AKC papers, and the pictures of the "parents" that he showed us were not even his own dogs. He just stole pictures from the internet. Not to mention, our puppy had a number tattooed in her ear, which meant she was imported. He had claimed he bred the puppies himself. This guy has to be shut down somehow. He told us he sells hundreds of puppies each year. The parvo virus lives on surfaces for years, so if he isn't giving vaccines that means that every puppy that he sells will most likely get parvo and die. He just keeps getting away with it though because it's so hard and so expensive to fight against him. I wish there was more we could do... I even contacted a few bulldog rescues for advice but they pretty much said there isn't anything that can be done. It's so sad....

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    We just recently purchased a puppy from Brook and his "girlfriend". The puppy is not sick, but they have screwed us out of our money by not giving us our AKC papers. We had a price set up for a puppy. We showed up with cash in hand for the puppy. When we got there and got the puppy the "girlfriend" Glenda said Brook told her it would be another $100 for the papers. So we told her we would be back the next day to pick them up. (I had another dog at the vet who had her teeth cleaned I had to pick up or I would have done it then). We got up the next day and were headed over and were told they weren't home they were delivering a puppy and wouldn't be home till late. We called the next day the "girlfriend's" grandma was sick and in the hospital and everyone in the house was going to the hospital to see her. We have been ignored ever since. Over two weeks now. He even told us that someone paid more money for a puppy the next day so they got the papers. Which tells me he is not giving correct papers to the right dogs. We are going to take them to small claims court to get the money back for our puppy. Plus all the money for the extra vet bills. We are tired of being ignored! PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME AND STRESS AND DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM THEM!

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    In reply to this thread I just wanted to tell my story. My ex-wife bought her female Dolly Mae from Matrix when she put down our dog Ella. Her dog had mange and a few other things. My dog Howie was healthy but he had worms even though they told me he had been dewormed. I had to take him to Brook to have distemper shots. When i took my dog to a reputable vet they raised eyebrows when I told him what breeder I bought him from. Luckily Howie is healthy. When I tried to call Brook to get his AKC papers he kept blowing me off. When I finally talked to him over a week or two later he told me he would come by and bring them to me since the place where he has his dogs was only a short distance away. He doesn't live there. He keeps his puppies there with the supposed sire and bitch. Well, he did come over and bring the papers but it was for a female with a different color scheme. By now I was worried. I emailed him and called more and got no response. I was angry by now. I emailed him again and called and said that I would seek legal counsel if he didn't return my calls. Well, then I got an email from him which basically said "what is your hurry? Do you even know how to breed a bulldog?" Now I have had 3 previous bulldogs so I am not new to this whole thing. Each time I bought one in the past I got my certification papers the day I took the dogs home. Here is the email>

    "Birth certificate? Are you serious? It's not a birth certificate. Your dog wasn't registered with st vincents. It's a simple form that I got confused with someone else.

    I told you to call me at the end of the week. I told you I had to get the others back as I had switched them, did I not?

    Are you breeding your dog this week? You are months and months and months away from that. I told you last week that I was working on getting them back from someone else. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm neither threatened by you nor ken Amaro. Retrieving papers does not happen overnight. I assure you that you'll have the papers this week; LONG before you breed, long before you're ready to breed, and long before you figure out how to breed.

    This is in NO WAY your fault...at all. This is ALL my fault. However there is no need for frivolous threats. You got a 2000 dog for 1400 and I made a mistake, that's in the process of being fixed. I wasn't aware that I was suppose to keep you posted on every single move that's being made.

    Email me Friday and they will be here. That is ample time for them to get back from the other person, if I have to drive there myself.

    Brook A. Roque

    Sent from my Brook's iPhone

    Here was my original email after he blew me off several times.


    What do I have to do to get you to bring me my correct birth certificate for my puppy? I tried going by Michelle's house and wasted a trip only to have you think I was there for a vaccine because you obviously don't know me from any other person. I specifically told you what I was there for. You did come by eventually and brought me the wrong birth certificate for my dog. After realizing this error, you have returned one call in all that time. We got the dog April 10th. I have phone records showing all the times I have tried to contact you. All I want is what I paid for which is an AKC English Bulldog with registration papers should I want to stud him to another breeder.

    If I had known how this was going to be, I would have gone with a different breeder entirely because the only time you have been attentive to me or my dog's needs is when I had 1400.00 dollars to give you. I am very disappointed, and I will be seeking legal counsel on this matter if you don't get me my registration papers this week. I have waited long enough and given you way beyond the shadow of a doubt. I was serious when I said I would contact the Better Business Bureau, as well as Ken Amaro and the local news stations. Do me a favor, do the right thing, and save me a hassle. I only want what's mine. After that, you can go on with your business where you don't call other people back and don't have the decency to treat your customers with respect.

    Sean Jones

    The guy was a complete douche and did not apologize. He somehow managed to turn it around on me that I had the problem. He finally did come to my house and brought me the paperwork. It must be said that this was after he told me the wrong date that Howie was born. I really think he has no idea when they were born because he doesn't breed them. He came over at dusk and I saw his truck. He was trying to slide the paperwork under my door because he is a cowardly piece of $@it. I opened the door and caught him unaware. It was funny because I told him I had no intention of breeding my dog. I just wanted what was supposed to come with my Howie. I got him fixed and he is the dog in my profile pic. So, I have told people interested in getting a bulldog to steer clear of Brook and his puppy mill. He did disclose while he was standing in my driveway that he was in hot water because one of his customers dogs died and then the replacement dog was sick too. I think it was the woman he wouldn't refund who posted on craigslist. He is a piece of spam and does not deserve to sell these sweet dogs. Bulldog breeders should be special people too like their owners.

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    Hey i met brook at fccj and did not know all this!!! i told him i was out of a job and was looking for ways to make money> he then told me that i can buy into his business with the bulldogs. i was like "wow" because every week in class he would pull out 4 to 6 thousand dollars from selling bulldogs. so i made a contract we met up. in order to buy into his business i had to give him $6,000 to pay 6 female puppies and the money that we would make we will go half. This was in july of 2010. He said he would keep them and raise them and it would take about 8 months to bred them and another3 months before we could sell one of the puppies. its now june. so all of a sudden in april he stop answering his phone....wow luckely i have a contract and luckley i have a lawyer friend but i told him i will give him to the end of june before i take any action but what i need from everyone on here is any ads that u may have kept and testimonies that you guys my have. i already have enough to get my money back with the contract that we have but i want to put this crooked person in the dirt as far as possible. this is not right what he his doing to people. abnd if i would have did my research like i am doing now and would have seen all of these posts i would have never given him any money. please email me at jaycp1985@gmail.com or jaycp85@yahoo.com..... any address that you may have from the lady in georgia or any of his please send thank you

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    Wow..I know nothing but he sounds like "an all around swell human being".Not like breeding sick pups isn't bad enough.. I hope karma is real
    Last edited by JAKEISGREAT; 06-23-2011 at 10:42 PM.

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    Default Re: Matrix Bulldogs, Jacksonville, FL selling sick puppies

    I too am gathering my ammo of my complaint about Grand Bulldogs, aka, Matrix, aka, 4 Star Bulldogs...Brook Roque will not return calls or respond or pick up certified mail we have sent him...my Bulldog has a congential defect & life threatning...we have invested over the amount of the puppy in antibotics and ultrasound xrays etc...we saved her life for now but it is ongoing and there's no real cure. ...I am hiring an attorney...I'm not messing around with Brook Rogue any longer. He can run but he can't hide. Maybe we can all get together for one big law suit and sue the pants off Brook Rogue?
    Our Puppy is near 5 to 6 months old now. We have one year to make a claim due to congential defects of our puppy and within 10 days of proof and Vet diagnosis and perhaps a visit to Brooks vet to verify our diagnosis of the congential defect to reinburse our vet expenses upto the price of the dog and we have that option to keep the dog which we lover deasrly as well. The Lemon Law states we can keep the puppy and still be reinbursed by the breeder since the problem with the pup Brook sold us is congential. We have followed all regualtions regarding the purchase of the Puppy from Grand Bulldogs/Brook Rogue. Brook Rogue/rand Bulldogs are scam artists who don't care one ounce for the pups he sells or the buyers he scams. If he did Brook would make good on the vet bills and make sure he doesn't breed or buy pups for the same bloodlines. Brook is a crook. If he cared he would make sure he kept contact with the sick puppies and did right by the buyers...not turn tail, run, hide and change web sites and kennel names to avoid thwe situation. I will hire our attorney very soon. I've almost gathered all my data. By the way...Brook also registers more then one litter to one Dam and makes it look like that one Dam gave birth to many pups. Brook fabricates fake registration papers...he's a fraud!
    It's going to cost Brook Rogue/Grand Bulldogs and whatever he changes the name to or moves to whatever state much more then the price of a puppy to cover our Vet Bills and legal expenses now. I hope listing the residential address for Brook Roque can help others who have been scammed by Brook Roque with selling unfit Bulldog Puppies with life threatening birth defects and other problem issues of not being able to get refunded by Brook Roque when legally via Lemon Laws of Florida states clearly ithe buyer is due a refund from Brook Roque. My post above is still ongoing and I have still NOT received a response from Brook or my refund.

    If you want his addresses or phone numbers please contact me!!!!!!
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