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Thread: Nigerian puppy scam, should advertisers be held liable?

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    Default Nigerian puppy scam, should advertisers be held liable?

    I seriously think Craigslist, backpage, ect should be removing these posts for bulldogs! No bulldog puppy sells for under $1000.

    I met two people recently that fell for this scam and lost $500+

    It went something like this, but it always changes and they create new stories, so beware

    They were informed that the seller's daughter died and they just needed to get rid of the puppies. All they want was the cost of shipping the puppy. ($250)

    BUT, they have a brother and sister, would hate to split them up, can you get both? ($500)

    Okay, money sent, but no response from the seller. Seller responds with this:

    "I found out these are really expensive dogs. I need another $500, cuz I can sell them for $2000"

    Finally the people got suspicious. They ended up only losing $500 and did not send the additional money.

    Watch out for this scam puppy buyers! Read about puppy buying tips page here at English Bulldog News, and learn what to look for in getting a healthy, happy bully.
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    I don't think the advertising forums should be held liable...not completely....I think that if they are notified that it is a scam and they do nothing, they should be, but it is still the persons responsibility to do their due diligence.

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