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Thread: Breeding ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dozersmama View Post
    Yes it's a thing! They refer to them as bullys. Which i kinda think is bs but whatever
    It makes very short very wide pitbull looking dogs. But they are prone to the same things ebs are. They often die im the heat around here because their owners don't realize they need to be inside. It's sad
    Wow I learn something new everyday. I never knew that was a breed they were bringing out. Also did not know they call them bullys. I thought bullys was shorts for bulldogs?? Also that is sad about the heat, but that's what happens when people do things for money and not the dog (breed). Thanks for the information all that was new to me.

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    You can have the sperm frozen to you can get a puppy from your beloved after he has passed away.

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    Late to post but just felt I needed to post. I understand that everyone has an opinion, suggestion and advice. You asked so I will share my thoughts.
    Do not breed your EBD to ANY other dog except a purebred. No questions, no exceptions. A mixed bred starts to dilute the purebred and cause unintended consequences.
    DO not breed your EBD just to have a baby from him. The expense due to AI and c-section plus after care for 24x7 for two weeks is not to be taken lightly. Even if you are getting a puppy by someone else efforts you are a part of the problem rather than the solution. And if your EBD shows ANY aggression or un-easiness with kids or other dogs, that dog should never be bred. No if and or butts. Has your male been tested for genetic defects such as HUU or Brucellosis?

    Don't get me wrong, as a breeder not only do I breed but I also help those who are serious about learning and getting involved in the breed. Not for the money but to become a steward of the breed, to inform everyone about the breed and to help change back some of the bad breeding patterns that currently exist because of breeders of yester-year that only were interested in money and volume rather than quality and conformation.

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    ^ Agreed, the quality of bulldogs here in Los Angeles is so so bad! A bunch of "rare and tri colors" along with bulldogs who have clearly been been mixed with pits. Many are seriously ruining the breed.

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    Many times, mixed breeds bring out the worst in certain breeds,
    such as chows, pits, bullies, etc...please don't breed mixes.

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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