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Thread: Help and advise on breeding

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    Default Help and advise on breeding

    I want to breed my girls help on where to start want to do it right

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    I don't know much about breeding but I know of these two threads under the "Bulldog Learning Center" on the right hand side on the EBN home page, maybe it can be of some help for you!
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    First thing I would do is have a vet check them out for the most common bulldog problems. Heart, elbow, hip, knee. If your girls don't have any problems, I would register them here: The Orthopedic Foundations For Animals.
    I would then look for a healthy sire that was also health tested and registered with OFFA.

    You can get an idea what you want in a sire by going to bulldog club shows. There should be some in your area. Here's a link from the American Bulldog Club that shows local clubs/ chapters.

    Having a healthy dam and sire doesn't guarantee a healthy litter, but it definitely helps. So that would be my first step.

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    Please don't do it alone, diesel goes out to stud, So I had never had to deal with bitch side however I am friendly with the breeder who diesel goes (to) and I asked to help out the next time pups were due
    I had never saw a heavily pregnant bulldog, when there ready to drop it's not a pretty sight.
    Because they shape and the health conditions ( before pregnancy ) can be a problem when heavily pregnant.
    There organs and get squashed and breathing can be a problem. You need to keep the bitch calm
    When the pups come they need 24 hr round the clock supervision, feeding, making sure pups don't get trapped under mum, cleaning etc
    my advice is to get in with a breeder and help them, see how it's done correct. You help them poss they may help you ?
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