I have a 4 month old EB that I am always getting remarks from other people and other EB owners saying how good he looks and has great markings and such. Last week I was at the Vet getting his last shots and there was a lady that does EB shows and was really impressed of my Mack Daddy (puppy), said it might be worth while to try out some puppy shows and see how he does.

My question is showing really wort it? I work all week so having time to practice could be difficult so I wouldn't know what to do there. I know the breeder I got I him from wants me to stud him out because he carries the blue color gene but doesn't show it but does showing help out for studding price? What physical traits do you look for in a puppy, no under bite? specific tail? color? markings? straight feet? I am definitely new to this so I just thought I ask. The breeder I got Mack Daddy(the puppy) mentioned trying out the puppy shows with lone star bulldog here in Dallas, TX.

I am just curious and thought I would ask