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Ok, this topic always opens a big can of worms, so we will watch it closely so it doesn't get out of hand and I hope you don't get your feelings hurt. I understand you are still learning about the breed and that's ok to ask questions, so here we go. People should only breed to better the breed period. If you do not have a bully that is show quality, then it should not be bred. That being said, just because they are show quality, does not automatically mean they can be or should be bred. I have seen several "champion" bullies that should never be bred because of temperament. Some show breeders are not doing the breed justice because they are not paying attention to this. The two bullies that are going to be bred, you should check and research both their linage, for temperament, health, hip problems, or any other bad genetics they may pass down. When people do not do their home work, and just throw two bullies together, this is where you can get the unhealthy bullies and most of them find their way into shelters or rescue. I'm not saying your boy is not worthy of breeding, but this is the things you need to research and study his back ground. Most reputable breeders will be very picky who they will breed their females to, so you may have a hard time finding a female to breed with, unless you just breed him to anyone would will let you and the gamble begins on how healthy their babies will be, also how they will look. I have always heard and have seen it to be true, breed an ugly bitch and you will get ugly pups. I hope this did not insult you and has put a different light on the subject for you.
Excellent reply, David! I get so sad looking through the dogs available for adoption. There are too many people breeding bulldogs without consideration of health and temperament. I know I would have loved to have one of my Norton's puppies but knew I could NEVER recreate that wonderful big goofy guy.