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Thread: Illustrated Bulldog Conformation Standard

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    Default Illustrated Bulldog Conformation Standard

    This is the best Bulldog Standard Information I've seen. However, please not it is not put out by the AKC but the BBCR. I do believe that it is pretty much the same as the AKC standard however and would be helpful none the less.

    On a side note, I am quite familiar with the BBCR. My Shortybull Zoltan came from one of the BBCR founder's kennels and I have been to a number of their shows. If you find AKC shows a bit to much atmosphere wise to start your showing career, try the BBCR. They are a very friendly and supportive group of folks and their shows are quite different from AKC ones. ALL kinds of bullys and nothing but. If you have your AKC papers you can get registered with BBCR as well, generally at a show.


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    Default Re: Illustrated Bulldog Conformation Standard


    Thank you for sharing and posting the link. I try to bookmark as many different bully links as possible. No matter how much I think I know, I learn more about what I DIDN"T know or even forgot. The BBRC site is very nicely put together.

    Regarding the "standards", what is listed there is actually the same as from the BCA. The AKC is only a registry and does not get involved with conformation or quality. An ugly bulldog can be registered as long as it IS a EBD. (of course there is NO such thing as an ugly bulldog....) But you get my point.

    The document that is widely shared, lists the "standards" for what a bulldog is suppose to look like is for a reference. Personal opinion and look does not have to be what the standard actually is. If the dog is for a show, then the conformation "standard" is applied. If someone does not buy a dog that "fits" the standard, they should NOT be offended if their dog is not picked at the show ring, no matter how cute the dog looks with sunglasses on, clothing or riding a skate board.

    One of the MOST noticable conformation that is lacking in many, many, many "purebred" bulldogs is the wheelback:
    The standard shows that a rise above the hips is what is suppose to be, but rather most bulldogs are flat across the back and hips?


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