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    Hi everyone!

    Today marks the 4th week after the first mating of my girl L.E. She completely changed. Usually very energetic and playful, she became lazy and takes lots of long naps. I also noticed a change in her appetite last week. She stopped eating for a whole day. When she finally decided to eat, it was less than normal and I even had to hand feed her. Her hairs around her nipples are definitly thinning out as well.

    I was convinced that she's pregnant just by the change in her personality. So I took her into the vet for an ultrasound today. We did not identify any puppies. The vet did say that she had food in her and she had a full bladder, possibly hiding any pups. She told me to come back next week and we'll give it another shot.

    Could 4 weeks be too early to see anything? I've read on other forums that between 5-5.5 weeks definitly yields better scans.
    Has anyone ever had an ultrasound done to find nothing, but lo and behold she was indeed pregnant and a litter was delivered?

    By the way, the vet that I took her to could not have been more helpful. Kimberly Daffner of Animal Medical Clinic in Redondo Beach, CA. Everyone was excited to see L.E. and made us feel very welcome. I think everyone heard the news about a bulldog coming in for an ultrasound and it made them excited. Dr. Daffner works with the SoCal Bulldog rescue, so she is very familiar with the breed.

    And of course, here are pics of L.E. and Ishi

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    Default Re: Ultrasound questions

    4 weeks is a little early, I'd wait about a week and a half.
    Have a Great Bully Day.
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    Default Re: Ultrasound questions

    Yes, I agree that you might be a wee bit early.
    And yes, I have done x-rays that showed nothing, but then check back 1-2 weeks later and yes...puppies.
    I have only used ultrasound once. My vet clinic does not have an ultrasound.

    Good Day~

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    Default Re: Ultrasound questions

    I have an appt tommorow. I'll let u guys know how it goes.

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