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Thread: 4 day old puppies not pooping HELP!!!

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    Default Re: 4 day old puppies not pooping HELP!!!

    Looks like you got the advice you needed. I take a very warm wet cotton ball and rub back and forth from the belly to the anus, ever so gently. I can usually get them to poop after each feeding.

    Mom's diet can change their poop, I found out the hard way. Whatever mom is eating, they are too and it does have a huge impact on the poop consistency while nursing. I would reduce all the additions, stick to the kibble, a bit of cottage cheese or powdered milk for extra calories and calcium, along with a NuVet or another good supplement. If you do not free feed normally you should allow mama to eat as much as she wants whenever she wants. Full bowl of kibble at all times. After two weeks they can get extremely thin it almost seems to happen overnight. The first week is not too bad because the pups are not drinking much but week two and three they will deplete her of everything she has and then some. I also feed mom water while she is nursing, ice water in a syringe, keeps her cool and relaxed while the pups feed, and it helps hydrate all of what is being taken out of her. Very sweet litter you have!

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    Default Re: 4 day old puppies not pooping HELP!!!

    Thanks I deff have coffee and tv ready...They didn't go this last feeding but they went so much when I did the water I think they didn't have any more poop in them...I'll keep watching them. I think we decided to put just yogurt in her food maybe all that stuff was too much in the milk for the puppies to digest maybe, Ill talk with the vet once Christmas is over...I hate that they had to go
    through that it just broke my heart. Thanks so much for the help... I'm just a worry bug though [/QUOTE]

    Awww, Honey, don't be so hard on yourself-you caught it right away and the great members here
    came thru (I love our EBNers!) and it worked...great looking babies too, I love the one with the dark
    color on either side of it's face
    On the digestion, you may be right, my research indicates that even tho carrots, green beans, etc are
    good for them, in their natural form...can't be digested and WHY we see the whole food in their poop,
    it IS undigested. My advice is to break down those foods in a blender or a juicer and pour over the food,
    that way it IS bioavailable to the body and useful as a nutrient source.

    Great job, Mom-Congratulations on a fine litter & their Mom doing well and-Merry Christmas!

    My 1st bully, Brutus
    RIP beloved boy.

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