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Thread: Do you blacken the nose?

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    Default Re: Do you blacken the nose?

    When other people blacken their dogs nose I just noticed that in our last show Usko had white zink paste on his nose

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    Default Re: Do you blacken the nose?

    I thought I saw that if the nose is liver colored (or not black) it was just a deduction in points.. I mean, I guess if it was enough points it would disqualify.. I started printing out the whole site and making it into a manual that I can go through, mark and study.. ran out of ink.. LOL... my husband thinks Im nuts.. and honestly, not sure if I can even show my little girl once I get her and train her.. .either way, shes my baby.. but I do like to know..

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    Default Re: Do you blacken the nose?

    Spielman is out. He has a pink nostril. I wish his nose were all black but he has some pink on his. Not that he was ever going to see the inside of a ring. Now I have to decide if I tell him or not. LOL. My wife has already told him he is fat so I might as well tell him his nose isn't show quality.

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