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Thread: Just seeing if anyone has info on this breeder or website

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    Default Re: Just seeing if anyone has info on this breeder or website

    Hey sorry for the late response not sure if your still considering Alejandro to purchase a puppy, but I can comment as I purchased my female Bella from Alejandro at thepuppieszone kennels. It is not a scam as I did get my Bella shipped via continental pets fly safe program. Now with that being said I too have concerns with Alejandro. My Bella came with albon for coccidia treatment as her litter mate tested positive for coccidia. Since we got her she had diarrhea for a month and is only now having solid stool after several rounds of antibiotics/wormers. Also your right that the pictures are not in florida, these dogs come with international pedigrees, and I believe the actual kennel is not in the us. Looking back yes this makes me uncomfortable, however Bella is a beautiful, healthy puppy and has made a great addition to our home. He has several international champions in his kennel in Ecuador. Alejandro is a young guy, and I believe is not completely upfront with people. When I addressed the constant diarrhea issue with Alejandro he was no help at all just saying "that's weird". Ultimatley caution should be used in dealing with Alejandro, but that doesn't mean he has low quality dogs. Bella's sire is a very popular stud internationally and his kennel produced Rohmbroy trichet (sp) who was bulldog of the year last year. Bella showed No signs of being maladjusted or timid When she arrived and has been great in socialiaizig with puppies/cats/babies/small children.Please let me know if you have any other questions and I will be glad to try and help.

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    After checking out the website, I would personally never buy a puppy from them. That is just my opinion. No information about health testing of the parents. No info on the parents at all as a matter of fact, not even names! Shipping included with the puppy? Geez. And too many puppies with lots of different birth dates. Also, I believe breeders should use the actual name of the breed: Bulldog, not English Bulldog.
    Red flags all over the place to me. That's not to say they aren't healthy puppies, but to me it's most likely a broker, and that practice should not be supported.
    Again, just my opinion and what I would look for in a breeder.

    ADD: Sorry, here is a good place to start. The Bulldog Club of America has a breeders referal list. There are a bunch listed in Florida
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