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  1. Mabel's Big Adventure

    I have been doing some long-distance power walking to get in shape and drop some pounds. I always feel a little guilty when I leave Mabel behind, but she is unable to walk very far without completely pooping out. Today I had a plan . . .

    Mabel's Pet Gear stroller was purchased so that we could take her on outings with us and not leave her at home. We had taken her on short walks before. She loved being able to see new things, smell new things, and (OMG) the people she got to ...
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  2. The Social Butterfly

    Bill brought Mabel to my office yesterday. She made bulldog lovers out of everyone she met!

    Mabel has never met a stranger. For a dog who didn't have the greatest life during her first 4 - 5 years, she certainly bears no ill will toward people. However, dogs are another issue. Our neighbor has two Yorkie puppies who are adorable--to us. Mabel is not amused. She lunged and snapped at one--so not cool.

    Our vet was surprised that this dog, who had several ...
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  3. My Life with Mabel Part II

    Life with Mabel has sure been eye-opening! If anyone were to have told me that a short-haired dog required this much maintainence I never would have believed them. There are wrinkles, and ear drops, and wrinkles, and eye drops, and wrinkles, and tail pockets, and did I say wrinkles?

    The number one thing that makes these little guys so adorable requires meticulous care--at least on Mabel. I just keep finding wrinkles! I figured out the two deep ones that were obvious and have

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  4. My Life with Mabel Part I

    When Trixie, our beloved bullmastiff, died we knew we would have another dog and were researching breeds to replace our 140-pound baby. English bulldogs were on our short list, but we knew we couldn't afford one from a reputable breeder. Our daughter in Texas is very involved in rescue organizations and was encouraging us to go with a rescue, but we had concerns about health and behavior problems that might have led a dog to be surrendered.

    Then I saw Elvis. He was listed on a ...
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