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  1. Samson's Weight

    Alot of people with puppies have been asking if their puppy is at the right weight so I figured I would make a blog with Samson's weights at different ages for later reference.

    4 months: 21 lbs

    5 months: 25 lbs

    6 months: 28 lbs

    7 months: 35 lbs

    11 months: 45 lbs

    One and a half years: 50 lbs

    2.5 years on average of 55lbs
  2. It was a bully day today

    So Cal Bulldog Rescue is at local Petmarts this weekend. They need towels and blankets right now, at first I was going to just mail some to them because I knew I'd get emotional if I went in there and saw those handsome yet homeless bully faces. Well thankfully for the bullies, my mom had ALOT of towels to give away, I ended up with a big black trash bag full so there was no mailing that. That would just cost too much. So I drove the 20 miles this morning to the closest Petsmart to my house that ...
  3. Just my furbabies and me this weekend

    So my man is gone this weekend so it's just the furbabies and me. I never have any issues being alone. I am a very independent person and have no problems entertaining myself. Normally I like to take the dogs somewhere. Loki, my beagle, is a handful so I normally just take her for long walks, the park, stuff like that. Samson I take anywhere that allows me to have a dog basically. I really want to go somewhere with him this weekend but it's supposed to be hot out and I am at a lost at what to do. ...

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