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  1. ChrisRN's Avatar
    ROFL! I would have had the same reaction! So funny!
  2. Tkelley's Avatar
    Too funny!
  3. natski282's Avatar
    lol I,M in tears well done Gunny have a great day M8
  4. MARY BARNES's Avatar
    Hi.I know how you feel . I lost my Rocky in June. He was my shadow .Sitting on my lap for hours helping me in then garden ,everywhere I was He was . I hope Gunny and Rocky are playing waiting for us to meet them someday at the rainbow bridge,,
  5. maggieclouse's Avatar
    Enjoyed the story thanks for sharing
  6. Mary Grace's Avatar
    I love your post. It truly touched me. I'm just starting on my journey with my baby, but in the month I have had her I've fallen completely in love with her and the breed. I've had many of dogs in my lifetime, but know that I have now found my heart truly belongs to the bullys.
  7. Marine91's Avatar
    Too cute.
  8. Sheena's Avatar
    Hahaha that is so cute. You got me cracking up
  9. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Time to move North, I moved to N C 5 years ago but moved back to northern Pa. I just couldnt take the heat.
  10. Rural mystic's Avatar
    Sounded relaxing day. But boy its anything from Fall like weather here in North Florida. Oh my its still so hot and humid. At the right time of the day one can just be outside doing nothing and the sweat will start pouring. Not to mention the dang bugs and weeds full of pollen.
  11. bullmama's Avatar
    Love reading this, I have goosepimples of love running through my veins! Thank you for your blog!
  12. cowsmom's Avatar
    oh tom i just love reading these. its so nice to see your love of your bullies past and present. it truly is like nothing else :)
  13. Marine91's Avatar
    Semper Fi my brother. Gunnyboy is watching over you from above he knows you will be ok as Marines always march on but we never forget those who we have loved and lost. It wouldn't surprise me if he was up there giving Chesty a run for his money.
  14. cowsmom's Avatar
    aw tom always love your blogs so its good to see you back at it as im sure people are tired of mine :yes:. im glad your happy my friend
  15. gunnyboy's Avatar
    I know, Im an former Marine and did 13 months in combat, but when I think of that old man I cant help but cry.He was the happiest bully Ive ever known always had a smile on his face. He loved life and loved being with me all the time, our eyes always talked to each other.He owned me and I was ok with that. Cant wait to see him again !!
  16. Twice's Avatar
    Geez Tom. You sure know how to make a girl cry dontcha lol

    You're a lucky man for sure. Gunny IS watching you and he is still sitting on the porch with you. He isn't ever far from you just as Abby isn't ever far from me. Close your eyes and breath. You'll feel him with you
  17. gunnyboy's Avatar
    It"s a nice quite Sunday and it's beautiful out. Sarge and Loulou went out and played for awhile. It was nice to see them happy and having a good time.
    but as always it was short lived. maybe 10 mins and they want back in. I usually coaks them out with a piece of cheese. I figure if they are happy in the house thats ok with me. They do like going to Tractor Supply to get a treat and so Sarge can poop, thats his favorite place to go. They always attract a crowd and love the attention.
    I really don"t know what I would do without these guys,they always have a way of making my day. Im sure Gunny would have loved them and showed them how to make them get what they want. They a both different, Sarge loves to sleep with me in bed, Loulou likes downstairs on the couch. The good thing is they get along so well, They never get into fights with one another and eat next to each other and never bother the others food. Loulou weights 55 lb. and always wants to sit on my lap. Sarge sees that and then he wants up, what a carnival. Sarge is so faithful just like gunny was wanting to be right next to me all the time. Sarge is afraid of everything and Loulou isnt afraid of anything.As I typr this they are both on the love seat watching me. Well enough of me rambling on, hope all of you have a great Sunday.

    [IMG]C:\Users\tom\Desktop\Sarge and Loulou.JPG[/IMG]
  18. gunnyboy's Avatar
    Its really funny, throw the ball outside and they sit and look at each other but throw it in the house and look out they run and jump and cant get enough of it? they like to go for walks and love to ride, but to be out not so much. It dosent matter I love thhem so much and they mean the world to me. Sarge is doing well on his Lyme disease medicine and I dont think he will have a problem with it.How is your sweet Sarah? I hope well. and I hope everything is going well for you and yours. are you enjoying the summer and relaxing. Keep in touch I value your friendship and enjoy hearing from you.
  19. cowsmom's Avatar
    well perhaps that is the difference. most people go to work for long periods or go out for a bit and perhaps the dogs get used to them being gone as with you they know your there all the time. sarah is pretty much under my feet if im here to. perhaps put a leash on them and take them for a walk and get them used to being outside. throw a ball or something. i dunno take them for a ride on your lawnmower lol . im glad you have them and they have you tom. :)
  20. Libra926's Avatar
    I'm laughing.....he's the type of boy who know what he wants and where to get it. None of the window shopping or casually strolling the isles for him! Vegas did the same thing with a bully stick. I was grossed out...but damn them! Why do they allow your pets into the store...then insist on putting the enticing treats at nose level?
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