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  1. Just another Toad filled day in the desert

    Woke up early this moring to find 2 more toads in our pool. We are so worried one of our bulldogs is gonna ingest the poison from one of them. They are quite beautiful, as they swim gracefully in our pool.

    So I had to get them out, but what to do with them? It has been our experience that even if we put them behind the wall or out front, they just come back.

    They were extremely difficult for me to get them out. I called my hubby and asked if I should call the fire ...
  2. The house is nice n clean!!

    Been cleaning all day! Now I must have a talk with the bullies about not licking the floors and tell the kids motto make a mess and cross my fingers!! LOL!! I wonder if they will listen....

    Updated 05-15-2010 at 10:04 AM by Bulldogg

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