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    Hi my name is Monica Andrews, I am a newbie to this site, as well As a fairly new bulldog owner. I have 2 bulldogs 8 months old, they are brother and sister. My question is about their food. I see that you have a lot of experience and resource regarding bulldog nutrition. I had a Jack Russell for 14 yrs, and she passed away 2 yrs ago, she developed cancer, and died in Sept 2 yrs ago now. I always fed her Go natural, and also feed Go to my cat. I liked that food because it is all natural with human grade chicken, and I also liked it because it is made in Canada. When I picked up my puppies from the breeder, they were on Royal Canin, and I took them to the vet the same day to be checked out. I asked the vet about the food and she told me it was a good food, so I decided to keep them on it so as not to upset their tummies. As time went on I started reading the label on the Royal Canin, and found that it had a lot of fillers, including corn, which is not good for dogs. I also see now that I am on this site, that the ratings for this brand are only 2 and 3, definitely not happy with that. I switched them over to Go Natural at about 6months old, and my female Blossom was okay with this, but my male Bulldozer, immediately started getting runny, mushy poops, and also started to eat his poop. Yuk. I saw my vet in the Petvalue. Pet food store, and asked her why he would start eating his poop all of a sudden, and also mentioned the loose stools, she was not familiar with the Go brand, but asked me to show her the bag, she read the ingredients , and said that the food may be too rich for them, and causing the loose stools, also she said the ingredients in the food may taste too good, and make the poop appealing to the dog. She recommended I switch them back to the Royal Canin, and see if that helped. After switching back, Dozers poop went back to normal and he stopped eating his poop. Thank goodness. Lol. They are both doing fine on this food, and both tolerate it, but I am still not happy that it has these fillers, and also has a low rating. I would rather feed them a 5 or a 6 star rating food. I see that Go is on the list, no I did not try the Grain free formula, so maybe Dozer wouldn't have troubles with this one? I tried the one with all the fruits and vegetables. Maybe that didn't agree with him. I would like to try one of the other brands on the 6 star list, my store sells the Go, and Wellness, but I am not sure if they sell the Fromms. I will have to go and see. My question is do you recommend one more than the other, and do any of these brands have a wet formula as well. I feed my pups twice a day. 1 cup of kibble in the morning with 2 Tbsp of canned Go Natural, and then 1 cup of kibble in the evening. They both tolerate the Go wet food. Any information or advice you can give me regarding dog foods would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for reading my message, and for any info you can give me. monica Andrews
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    Five baths and five total grooms.

    Two words: holy crap.
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    I am so happy for Sampson!
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    Oh I wish Brutus liked his bath or at least didnt mind. He runs to the top of his kennel and lays down with dead weight so I cant pick him up lol
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    LOL luckily all of mine will come for it. Even tho mandy doesn't like the bath as much she still will get it. She is kinda kooku tho
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    oh i so hope things go well with samson and his new home. of course with your relatives.
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    aw thanks lisa for writing this. i hate bath days and i just have 3 i cant imagine 5. i am still trying to get video of sarah when i say "want a bath" oh does she run.
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    it could be worse !!! you could live here- and all you have is rain to track in over and over - never to dry again, cause the humidity is so high, it stays wet when you mop.
    the best thing I found to have as rugs in door ways is yoga mats, they suck up mud! and wash easy. LOL!!!
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    not !!!!!
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    A Diary is very good! Ive done it for years. Best way to track and give your self a peace of miny...I use a year planner with room to write in every day and i highlight code Meds. Heats. Vet appoinments...ect!!! Once you get used to it and do it everytime you make changes to things you will find yourself less stressed about your Bullies Health!. Again Great Idea!!

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    Hahahaha, no of course not, it was great though, the hour that it lasted!!
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    is it still clean? It takes only an hour for Horse and Braeden to make our house look like I haven't cleaned in a week!
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    I will have a talk with them myslef =P hehehe