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  1. *****important community notice*******

    We will be switching English bulldog news to a virtual server sometime this month. Right now, the site has become slower and slower as the days go by due to massive amounts of information and many guests hitting the site. You may notice sometimes you will get a "500 Internal Server" error when on our site.

    This new server will provide us with faster speeds and hopefully bring plenty of new members.

    I will post a notice when we do the actual migration, it will take a ...

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  2. Working on more features for the site

    I plan on adding some more games to the arcade this week and a dog food page. Will let you know when they are done! If you have any other ideas, let me know.


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  3. Today has been fun, (so far).... :)

    Today we took our son outside to teach him to ride a bike. Kids! These days they are not even wanting to learn!
    But he started to get the idea toward the end, oh well. We shall try again tomorrow.

    I got two used X large crates off craigslist, so I have been scrubbing and cleaning them for some temporary housing. Would like to start crate training the pups so I must take Jesse and Mandys crates and move them into these.

    Sometime soon, we are in process of creating ...

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  4. Bulldogs Website Blog

    I am going to start my Blog with talking about this site, and I thought this would be a great place for me to update our members on features and the upgrades I will add. I will probably keep it site related, so you know what is going on in the world of keeping up with English Bulldog News.

    I just finished remodeling all of the pages on EBN, so if you have not visited some of our pages recently, check them out! I will be adding to them and changing things around, so visit them often. ...
  5. About Blogging

    What is a Blog? For those who do not know what "blogging" is, it is basically an online journal or diary. You write in your Blog daily, about your life experiences. Here at EBN, you could "Blog" your life, your bullies, or whatever you wish!

    Asking questions and getting advice is welcomed in this area as well, but you will get more exposure to your questions and advice in the forums. When you start a topic in the forums, use the reply button, do not "Blog this post"- that is, unless ...

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