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  1. Update on Vegas. November 8th 2015

    It's been a few years since I updated via blog.... I kinda left you hanging during a vital part of our journey.

    Last I wrote, Vegas was suffering from daily facial seizures, every hour. It was exhausting. We found a new neurologist that was closer and we took all our videos and notes to him. Needless to say.... he was impressed with my documentation and videos of his life. He told me that it was very possible Vegas had another neurological issue that was located in the same part ...
  2. Being Bonded with a Bulldog

    (in the process of editing
  3. Toy Test

    We took Bass to the pet store yesterday to get a new pair of nail clippers and they had a sale on 2 get one free. Well, how can a Bullymom pass THAT up?!
    Once we got home I decided to do a "toy-test" on all three toys to see which one would pass for Bass...meaning...not get destroyed in under 2 minutes while getting carried off to his favorite hiding place (under my dining room table). I decided to tell the story with pictures...

    Toy One: The "Virtually Indestructible" ...

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  4. Tear Stain Adventure Blog

    After trying a few grain-free kibbles and before diving into the world of "Raw", Bass is now going to try Brothers Complete.
    We have tried...Pioneer Naturals, Fromm, Natural Balance and TOTW...out of all of them, Pioneer Naturals seemed the best for tear stains, but they were still there.
    Now, I realize that other factors could play into this horrible, dark, damp, ugly staining...environment, seasonal (we are in New England), the random pieces of popcorn that my girls conveniently leave ...
  5. fur trapping along gum lines?

    Boris had a vet appointment today for another ear infection. While we were in there, we told the vet he had really bad breath but his teeth are good. Apparently, English bulldogs can get fur trapped in the wrinkles inside their mouth and you are supposed to clean those out too! Shocked me as we have had Boris for over 2 years and its never been and issue before. I've read virtually every piece of information I could on EBs and have never heard of this before. Anyways wanted to pass along this bit ...
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